Transform,Director mentioned that high permeability saline resumption of infection wound is good.,But our hospital is not。I remember that the body’s resistance was lowered during the afternoon.,Burns of large area,Long-term use of immunosuppressive agents, etc.。

This bacteria is like。
I found that what he had eaten is a hoe.、Noodles and some vegetarian dishes,I have no nutrition at all.。So every time I have dial out some dishes before eating.
I remember that I can’t sleep at home.,I always think about this patient in my mind.,I even doubt that I have obsessive disorder.。
Patient admission22sky
“I really thought that you are not there.?Don’t say,you20More than a few days of changing is really effective,Now there is a lot than when he is coming.,You have to pay attention when you change the medicine next time.”Brothers remind me while reminding me。
I ate a meal from the whole department.(takeout,That will be the waiter of the hotel to send)。
Patient after admission:
He can hold the wall slowly.,We have seen hope,I think it is just a matter of time.,His life saves。
I remember at that time.,The patient’s son gave us a cooker every day.、cucumber、Loofah。After the patient who has another hospital bed knows this,Also care about the illness of the old man。That will feel that the whole ward is laughter.,Patients are full of trust and affirmation,That feels good。
Patient admission40sky
That day, the nurse called me and said that the old man had an accident.。I ran to his ward.,He painfully“what,what”Call,Eyes have always seen me,It seems to be said in the eyes“help me,help me”
Later checked:Spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage(Small amount)。
The main cause of spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage is brain aneurysms rupture,About the subarachnoid hemorrhage75~80,Arteriovenous malformation,Abnormal cerebral vessels,Other reasons include high blood pressure、arteriosclerosis、Blood disease、Intracranial tumor、Immune angiogenesis、Intracranial infectious disease、Anticoagulant、Pregnancy complications、Intravenous system thrombosis、Cerebral infarction。
I hated at that time.,Why is God so unfair to him??It’s really snowing.。
The patient’s son does not have any questions and blame,Just say a sentence silently:“I will find money again.。”
This disease is required to determine the surgery after cerebral angiography.,But high cost plus the current body situation in the old man,Last family decided:Conservative treatment。
From that day,My heart hangs again。
I am very grateful to my understanding of my family.,In fact, the patient’s disease and burns are not related.,However, patients are sorry in the hospital,Many families will definitely have questions,But his son is not,Because he saw everything we did this time.。
Next two weeks:
Every3Heavens change the medicine,Because oozing is reduced,My movement is lighter when changing the medicine.,I am afraid of stimulating bleeding in pain, plus heavy bleeding,I hope that the patient’s intracranial bleeding should not increase,Hurry up absorption。
that period of time,I took his inspection information to the superior hospital to find a teacher.,Go back to further study,Adjustment treatment plan。I am working hard,The old man and his son are also struggling strongly。
After the patient was admitted70sky
Bleeding of intracranial bleeding is not further increased,A little absorbs a little bit,we won。I drunk with his son at the store at the store at the hospital.。
Patient admission for three months
He was discharged that day.,Look at him to act、Have a meal、To the restroom,Looking at the wounds of his scar formation,Looking at him, I have been grinning.,I cried again.
The patient was discharged from the hospital for a few days.。My son came to a sheep.,I quietly put it again.1000Powder in patients’ hospital deposit,At that time I found90Heaven,It takes not to spend the patient3Million dollars。
That day I found a restaurant to take the sheep.,Intenders at night to eat together,I cried,My master cried,The nurse also cried a large piece,I have drunk again.。
I am lying at home.2sky,No concern,No disturbance,Recalling things happening in three months
Reality:Request after ten years