boom。The luxury car is galloped again.,Liu Qingqing presses the summary of the summer,Quickly turn to the right way。

NS435chapter Have a back hand
Villa living room。
Although only two people,But the atmosphere is downs to the extreme。
The ghost manager Zhang San has standed up.,Grim,“Season lady,Summer really said,Will it return there after an hour??”
“Yes,He said。”The haze in the red eye is like a dark cloud.,Breaking bones and killing,“I want him to die.!”
“Season lady,Please calm down first。”
Zhang Sancheng,“I said before I said.,Summer combat power is very strong,I didn’t expect it to be drilled by him.,Urgent,How should we deal with。”
Toned,He gaze the season red,“You going?Summer is obviously ready to revenge。”
Seasonal red face change,Furious,A touch of fear is born in the heart。
See her,Zhang Sanmi flashed in a touch of mean,Say,“In fact,In order to deal with the summer,I have done a lot of preparations here.,I thought I can’t use it.,But now there is no need to have no problems.。”
“Mr. Zhang has any way?”季 红 眼。
“In order to deal with the summer,I invited a goddess master in the Western underground world.,If the quarter is willing to go,I can let these two people protect。”
Toned,He also,“Although the monsoon is dangerous,But why not we kill a chance to kill summer。”
God master!
The color of the season has changed again.,Watching the eyes of Zhang San varies。
She once again realized it.,The spirit of the organization of the ghost。
“it is good,I will go。”
Seasonal red teeth,Constance between the look,“Just I have also prepared,I didn’t expect it to use it.。”
After the end,She quickly dialed a number。
Jossion ten minutes later,The sound of high heels outside the hall。
then,Knock on the door sound,Ji Hong Road,The hall is opened,Into one person from outside。
This is a woman,Waist fine hip,Graceful and expensive。
See her,Zhang Sanyi,Turn it to calm down,“high,The quarter is too high.,admire,admire。”
Without him,Because of this woman in front of you,Regardless of your figure or your own temperament,It turned out to be exactly the same as the seasonal。
“She has always been my substitute,In fact, these years,It is also her outside to help me.。”
Now now,Nihong used the last top card。
at the same time,Seven kills and greedies lead the ghost members are also crazy galloping。
They quickly came to the front road。