A boxing,Actually brought a whispered sound。

This sound,It’s like a tiger leopard.。
Fist,In the Huaxia Gu Waist,Also known as Jin Dan Jin!
So-called Jin Dan,Not as in the fantasy,But the whole body is qi and blood,Condensed Dantian,Between,Can make strength to be in a point。
After a punch is played,If you are hitting the target,The strength is cracked by a piece,Everything is injured inside and outside。
Huaxia Gu Waist,This realm is also called the Dan。
But in the Western Underground World,Division of combat,This kind of power is the legendary……Ate master。
When the old man is bombard,Boxing has not arrived,Hurricane,啵啵 啵啵,Happiness of the piercing sound in the air,Instantly。
Summer is a street,Poker face。
The other party is very fast,But still can be clearly captured by him。
His eyes have been locked to the old,Seeing a punch to touch the chest。
He moved。
Raise arms,Spread to the front,Five fingers,Void suddenly。
Voice is very light。
A punch of the old man,Targeting the real bombardment of the palm of summer。
Time simulation。
There is no imagination,Don’t crack over,There is no more figure that falls in summer.。
He is like very casually, generally blocking the old man!。
This feeling is very weird,Give people a sense of external strong tiger head snake,At least,The Qinling next to it is this idea.。
Thunder, little rain。
But she didn’t see it.,The old man is discolored in the moment.。
He knows how powerful,When the fist bombards behind the other party,The force of qi and blood。
Don’t say it is a person,It is a cow will also be violent by him.。
Let him become a,When this punch is burst,Just as if I fall into the deep black hole,Instant swallowed,There is no trace of blinking between blinks.。
This……how is this possible!
This is Jin Dan Jin.!