Summer,Slowly,Take an extremely awesome sound,“Mr. Xia!”

The mouth of the Wolf has just opened his mouth immediately.。
Just like petrification。
Miss Jiang, the bodyguards know this Chinese people?
Absolutely impossible!
Be over。
Wolf brother。
More than him,Also his hand’s hand,And Xu Father in the side is also awkward。
They must understand the summer than anyone.。
This is brought back from the daughter.,I don’t know why I am unbelieving.,These days are almost all in the store.,Almost no out……
But how can he……Cognate the people of the dragon?
Interrogate,Summer nodded,Laugh,“Miss Jiang, a big draft.。”
A bun color,Gong,“Mr. Jiang also came.。”
Summary is a bit surprised,I look at it now。
I saw a long version of Bentley Mushan slowly,The black people on both sides have looked up with their chest.,Respectful。
Bentley car is not swatched in the door of the store。
Two men and a woman in the car。
Women are Jiang Han。
And men about five0 years old,Wearing a gray Tang suit,The back of the hair is complete,Breaking a rheological temperament。
See him,Wolf and your younger brother are all,Swallow with saliva,The look is awkward。
Jiang Jinzheng!
The leader of the original dragon,Now the Chairman of the Dragon Tiger Group。
I didn’t think about the Wolf Friend,How can this big 佬 come here?。
Also think of the attitude of the bodyguards before the body,Rate……
The mouth of the mouth of the Wolf,Eyelids,Even the body is not self-shaking。
This thought is a life,I have not yet spread,The performance of Jiang’s father and daughter directly enabled the wolf.,Thoroughly desperate。
“Mr. Xia。”
Jiang Hanbi smile,Rear refers to the side of the side,“This is my father Jiang military affairs。”
After the end,Jiang Junzhong Road next to him,“Father,This is……Father?”
Jiang Han lived。
She saw her father who had a smile with a guest,I am still in the scene.。