“I know!”

suddenly,A newly intertentated little girl next http://www.bfehttp://www.cn to it,Raise hands,Some people have said a word。
“you say!”
Ye Tiannan asked。
“Xuan Ge is a person in the stone village of Qingyang Town, Yunning County,Live broadcast,He before the mountain,Fight with tigers,Also raised a small wolf,A dog,Can communicate with animals。”
The little girl’s face is red,I quickly said.。
Have a wolf!
Even can communicate with animal?
The little girl said,People present are a bit shocking。
“Is it so powerful??”
“How do I feel that it is a head?,People doing live in this year have false components.!”
“This is a little false,Not so credible!”
Other police officers present in the scene have expressed their opinions.,I have nothing to believe.。
To say that the wolf is even,How can I fight with a tiger??
Really thought that Wu Song turned http://www.xssbq.cn off.?
“Xuan Ge is really very powerful,I have been watching his live broadcast.,Very real,No-false!”
Little girl is Wang Ting,It is a loyal fan of Xuan Ge,This will hear some people who are destroyed.,Naturally, I can’t see it.。
But she is just an internship staff.,If you don’t have the identity status,Words,There is no one to believe。
“All right,Don’t say!”
Ye Tiannan pardin it,Speak out:“Chen Tian,You start to prepare,Pumping the police force in the bureau,Be with us,Enter the stone mountain,Weapon!”
“Wang Ting,You are responsible to contact this anchor of Xuan Ge,Brought to the mountain,Converged with us!”
Under one’s order,The entire policeman began to act。
Wang Ting confidence is full,An excitement,Xuan Ge is her idol,I can see my idol now.,Don’t be happy。
“Wait, then,Xuan brother shows his ability,Well, you can make you shocked!”
Wang Ting rode his little donkey,Directly rushed over the stone village。
She is a part of the village next door,Although not familiar with stone village,But about how to get!
“All right,The people of the police station will come to save us.!”
Chen Feihu gets a message,Ji Human is excited,Say:“Saved,Finally saved!”
Qi Lei and Kiu Xiong are also excited,So much wolf and tiger around,They have been worried about death.,Although I http://www.igaoer.cn will catch it in a while,But there is a bottom in the heart of the heart.!
Only Zhang Xing,A face of a face,He clearly,Police,Then they will go down the mountain.,By the time,And Shen Xuan’s gambling,It is also lost.。
Really shameful!
“Tiger brother,It is also strange.,Do you say that these wolves and tigers don’t do it??”
Have a good news now,Qi Lei began to ponder it.,Can’t help but ask。
Wolves and tigers in these mountains are very ferocious animals,Encounter people,Generally, it is directly attacking.,In the eyes,This group of wild wolves and tigers are kneeling in the same place.,Completely do not attack,It’s too violating common sense.。
“Yes,What kind of person is waiting?。”
Niu Xi scratched,I also have a few times.,The opening said。