“Pupil,What is it?,Wear your clothes quickly。”Come and tears。

“no,His hand is too tight,I can’t open it.。”
Come and ruthless clothes,Prevent clothes slipping,See your big sister, watch a lively look,I immediately laughed:“Big sister,Take a look at yourself before saying,You have no clothes to wear it.。”
“Beautiful,How to sacrifice something……”
Come to tears,Pull back to the original position,Repacking on the shirt button。
“I don’t necessarily,Little love can’t see a clear,And I have heard it.,You can use it today is not a beauty plan。”
Two people are hard to open the fist in Liao Wenjie,Without any choice,I have to break a piece of cloth.,This successfully escaped the tiger mouth。
“Big sister,You are trying to make him do my brother-in-law?”Put the broken neckline,It’s more energetic to come again with Liao Wenjie again.,Want to handle evidence。
“if not,This is my first pro-man……Violent female,Your strength,What should I do??”
“Ah,woman,This begins to be distressed.!”
Come and yin yin quirky,And then:“Will it be too sudden,After all, you will see the second side with him.,The first time is not a love at first sight.,personal suggestion,Feelings need time training,You have an ambus。”
“I have an inch。”
“The scale I saw it.,Limit……”
Come and shrug,See the big sister’s face is not pleasant.,Decisive jump to the next topic,Ask my heart:“Big sister,He promised before‘Night curse’Give you when making a checkbox,Why don’t you pick it up??”
“Pupil,Just, you also say that emotions need to slowly cultivate,How is it started now??”
“Don’t transfer topics,Answer me quickly。”
“I have to diamond tonight.,If the payroll http://www.wptact.cn is doped with this mind,Syndrome,Will lose original pure。”
Come to tears and help Liao Wenjie,Let him lie on the wardrobe,I have ahead of my forehead.:“And my current identity is not suitable,Waiting for the father,Returning diamonds,No longer a cat,Let him give me the diamond as a passionate trick.。”
“Big sister!”
Silent half,Slowly:“You have sacrificed many for me and little love.,No need to……”
“Be,Diamonds are in the back of the bed,Take it on it。”Come and tears,Beide by Liao Wenjie,Pack the second victim。
“Good,All listen to you,But you have to pay attention,This brother’s colored,Don’t be used up too much.。”No more words,Turned to the bed to explore。
soon,Wooden box with a diamond falls into the hand,A bit light,She frightened and opened the box,Looking http://www.maylinhouseware.cn at the empty sky,Suddenly stunned。
“Big sister,Something is not in?”
Come to tears and fly forward,I have seen empty boxes.,Demonstrate:“Pupil,Diamonds are hidden by you?”
“Stop it,I think you are cheated.!”
I have a sneak smirk,It is rare to see your own big sister to eat,It is really interesting。
“impossible,Even if he lies me,My eyes will not lie to me.。”
Come to tears,I saw Liao Wenjie to put the diamond into the wooden box.,I saw the wooden box to be stuffed into the bed.,How can I have a fake?。
Two people open the mattress,Search outside the outside,Remove part of the difference bed。
If you don’t die, you will return to the sofa.,Helpless acceptance,Diamond disappears,Fly。