Countless dark gas self-crack,Spider silk is generally wrapped around the blood,The crack of the surface is getting bigger and bigger,More and more,It’s like a pool,意 血 血。

At this time, those dropped bloody eyeballs。
Middle-aged monks sent a tear-hearted scream,The upper body’s clothes don’t know when to be torn open,Dew a white flower,A bloody eyeball is like a soldee meat of his chest as the soldering iron.,Pink!
Finally, there is ninety-nine eyeballs in the chest of middle-aged monks.,Dense,Eye beads are indifferent,Start slowly,For the black pool on the ground,Shot a touch of blood,Soon the blood is getting more and more,The same black is slowly faded like the surface。
Blood color eyeballs are gradually dim。
It is only a lot of painted cracks in the blood.,As if the spider is wrapped around the blood。
The blood color of the blood became very bleak,However, it is still a leaching of blood.,Gradually gather together into a bloody。
Middle-aged monks fell in the bloody,Ninety-nine blood eyes,Soak quietly。
Listening to the color of the rain building slowly retreat。
Su Chen’s body,It seems like stone,Crack is a touch of gold,Soon, his body is spit out of a faint dark, covering light gold cracks.。
Have a good time for a while,Crack is completely closed。
He snorted。
Do you want to cross a foot?,He can be a medium in white,Put the things。
but,Su Chen also recognizes one thing,This coffin he invaded this time,Not the blood of the palace,And it is weak than the palace maneuvered.。
“One is hand,One is the eye。”
Su Chen seems to catch any key,God exposes a few taboo。The things of these two coffins,How to look like a devil thing is divided,Limb、Organs are installed in different coffins,Different places,Suppression。
He also thought of the blood hand that was almost spit before the cloud,Perhaps the bloody coffin has arrived near Ministry of Clear.,It is likely to be in trial and blood shunt。
I am very troublesome in a sip.,If it is two servants,I am afraid that the power of the other party will enhance a big cut。
Once his guess is true,There is definitely in the world, there are other places with the corpse of the ghost.。
If these residues stitch out of the complete body,Maybe there will be a horrible to imagine resurrection。
“The decent person is really useless,I actually let the giant insect of the blood rushed away.。”Su Chen did not hesitate to put the pot to the royal monk.。
He is taboo,But there is no panic,Even if he guess it true,The ghost thing has been suppressed by people,Explain that it is not unable to resist。
True what is uneasy,Still in the body of Buddhist。
Bloody power,Actually, there is a strong stimulus to Buddhist relic,I have let the Buddhist gave up the conflict with my demon,Directly not counting the price of the Buddha,Trial to transform the blood。
This time,Fortunately, he has a lift.,Otherwise, Buddhism is likely to completely broke out.。
Su Chen has always been involved in Buddhism,It is difficult to fully urge the monster in the body,But the blood of the blood,Give him a wake up。
Even if you can’t completely digest the Buddha,But there are other ways,Helping his demon liberation from the temper of Buddhism。
Force to fight!
Su Chen has an crazy thought。
He wants to use blood eyes,Instead of demon to suppress Buddha。
This is indeed a crazy idea,Just Buddha’s willingness to deal with blood eyes is obviously more strong than the demon.。
I can’t say this opportunity.,Make a balance,Even the Buddha reserves。
Just once lost,He is afraid to face the strike of two power of Buddhistoli and bloody eyes.。
Su Chen is impossible to put all the hopes on the iron sword of the mirror.。
That thing is in Lushan Jianzong,Even when the ancestors of Montenegro,I didn’t grasp the mountain gate of the Sword of Lushan Jianzong.。
This is also Su Chen, even the dark kiss of the magic species.,Still not trying to sneak into the Lushan。