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First1799Chapter I don’t know how to have a boyfriend.
Summer and Liu Qingqing http://www.ycsykyw.cn take the company。
Today, Liu Qingqing wears a casual dress.,Tall figure,Graceful posture,Delicate face,Evan a beautiful breath。
Did not care about employee aiming,She naturally took the summer arm。
Relationship between couples between two people,It’s no secret。
But,Don’t go to work or get off work,They rarely appear simultaneously。
Today is the first time。
Come to the parking lot,Liu Qingqing first step,“Still I drive。”
Summer nodded,Drilling into the co-pilot location。
Porsche,Soon, I will enter the traffic。
“Really small gold?”
Liu Qingqing’s look is full of surprises。
After the summer returns to the company,Do not hide what,Inform Liu Qingqing。
Even until now,Liu Qingqing is also a bit difficult to believe。
In her eyes,Xiaojin is a little pigeon that is harmless.,How……I’m http://www.dlmsmy.cn afraid.?
“It is。”
Summary,Noddler,“Little guy is not simple,But this is good,Waiting for it,Take a little training,Maybe you can protect you.。”
Toned,Also,“Don’t worry, it will hurt you,I can feel it.,It is very spiritual。”
Liu Qingqing nodded silently,Then I opened the topic,“Let’s go outside today.?”
Summer,Spin,“Good,Where have you been?,I invite guests。”
Liu Qingqing is like a girl,“Speak badly。”
“When do I talk??”
“Less,You think about it yourself,How many times will we go out together,Don’t I spend money every time?,Oh,I have forgotten it.,That time in the food street is your account。”
Liu Qingqing deliberately gave the summer a hygienic eye,Obviously adjust the atmosphere。
But when the head is turned again,Her scorpion is a very distressed gaze,Tone also becomes http://www.sxzhongkai.cn gentle,“Summer,Your out, you went out last night.,And injured,Yes??”
She is working with the summer so long,Already from some of his habits,And the smell of the body,Ability to notice。
Although the wound has been treated when summer is coming back,Also cultivated overnight,But when eating in the morning,Liu Qingqing still smelled his bloody flavor。
Just Luo Qianjin and Qinling are present,Not a broken。
Summer capture worry in her eyes,Heart is not a warm,“I really have it.,Rest assured,Just suffered some small injuries,Not in turn。”
Liu Qingqing Zhang Zhang,Final gentle smile,“Let it go,We go to Mi Luo Sunshine Western Restaurant。”
Morlli Restaurant,Yellowpu District, Qinghai City,It is quite famous throughout Qinghai.。