Communication,Wang Yuxin’s voice increased eight degrees,Vibrato,“Xia Master,you……You are not a joke with me?”
“of course not。”Summer with a smile,“But let’s talk about http://www.sportsmagazine.cn it first.,These things are only a sale。”
Wang Yuxin’s breath is rushing,“It must be a sale.,What we lack is time,To respond to the action of the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce,Not only that,If Xia Master really has so many boutiques and treasures,I am willing to pay for your commission.……”
“Commission does not have to be,You help me fully run the Harmony。I will go to the Chamber of Commerce.,You prepare a big warehouse。”
“good,I am waiting for you outside.。”
After interrupting communication,Summer speeding up。
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NS3470chapter Burn in the fire
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Summer is doing this,No special reason。
After all, he and Wang Yuxin is now a partner.,Capable,Don’t mind。
There is also the most important point。
The first Qian http://www.fuzuweb.cn Dongfeng once continued in Fengpao City.,Something is also a person。
All the way,Soon arrived at Dongfeng。
I far-sighted Wang Yuxin, who kept stepping and looking at the side door.。
When I arrived,She still still believes,“Xia Master,Do you really have so many boutiques and treasures??”
“more or less。”Summer is sinking,“At the beginning of the windbow,Once handed over to the first part of the will,Otherwise, only more。”
Wang Yuxin’s eyes bright,Demonstrate,“you,Where are you so much??”
Summer is not concealing,“All grab,People in Yunshan always want to kill me,I am fighting,And this trend,I also killed a lot of sea demon,I can’t see it, I can’t see it.,I will thrown away on the spot.,As long as you leave,Inevitable。”
“you……Grab so much?”
Wang Yuxin feels some incredible。
Summer laughing,But not。
Real case is,What he said is just conservative.。
Many small best products and boutiques,You use it yourself,Also be reluctant to sell。
To know,There is tens http://www.hzaipeng.cn of thousands of stores in his hands.,There are thousands of,They are all military or the sea demon.。
It is the martial arts and sea demon storage ring at the midst of life.,More than fifty pieces。
certainly,The storage ring also has a size。
Usually,Even the big demon and military personnel,The biggest storage ring is also one hundred cubes。
Lingtai Hierarchy Store。
Below,Space smaller。
But this is hard to grow up.。
Small small storage ring is not worth money,If the storage is full,Will be in the storage,In placing a few storage。
therefore,Usually,There are at least five or six storage ring in the hands of a war.。