Nothing is better than living.。

Excited look back to your own benefactor,When she saw it is a forest,Stunned。
That paragraph reminds the story after the rain, the story is covered with memory hit her senses.。
Chapter 91, Congenital Zombie
The woman is out of mouth reminding the forest.。
No wonder,It turned out that I sent her back home.。
What happens??
The big night appears in this place,I always feel that it is wrong。
“Not at home so late,What to walk here?”
Women don’t hide,Say the reason why you came here:
“Because my brother,He is a dream to me.,Say to let me come to the Gui Mountain。”
Lin looked frowned,Her brother is Deng Xiaoxiu,Soul now,How do you still dream??
Strange is strange,But he is not prepared to inquire。 “If not I have encountered you,Now die is you。”
Women bite the lips,Suddenly lift the head,Very bold:
“If someone tells me,I will encounter you before death.,I will still choose to come.。”
Lin loudly staring at the serious woman in front of him,Is this a confession??
Be very bold。
Suddenly floating around the forest《Ruyi》Talled to the woman。
She is awkward,No resistance,Close your eyes。
A crisp after you,Let the woman’s body soft,Immediately open your eyes,I look back and I am a boss.。
Scared of her breathed:
“I thought,Think。”
“I thought I would kill you.?”
The woman smashes her own violent heart.,The face is shining in the moonlight,Optimistic pale。
Lin rang 揉 自己 自己,Is it a way to kill people now??
No bar!
Looking up at the height of the eye,At the time of time,Accelerate speed。
“Find your servant,Returning to Pingyang Government!It’s not your ordinary people.。”
“them,They are dead in order to save me.。”
All died?It seems that it is a faithful person.,Unlike the servant of his brother, then not reliable。
What should this woman do??
Leave a big probability。
Lin ringing after a moment,Still decided not to send women back.。
I am afraid of not enough.;Two quarters because he worried that the back of the mage was not as opposed to it.。
“You follow me,Waiting for me to kill the woman,Send you back。”