“Then I ask for thousands of weapons……”

Others are in the air,Wave,Take out a large piece of corrugation,The sound of http://www.wecanvalve.cn the air is dramatic。
only,Summer moves shocked everyone。
He has no weapon,Even the corrugated air waves that avoid flash。
Establish a knife to pull forward。
All ripples have been born with a slit。
In the excitement,Summer wearing heavy gas waves,Chemical or shadow。
Yang Jian was shocked,Want to change,But the summer is too fast.。
Everyone is a flower,I saw him with Yang Jian.。
Happen,Two people have a cold,Pound,Gun shadow,Foggy。
Aerialized substance,Continuous turmoil,Constantly turning,Make a thunderous ribbon。
Yang Jian is a master close to the big success,And there is a big gun in hand,Connected to the summer。
But in the end, still support。
In a rumbling boxing,Since the summer, the big gun will win the past。
Then I was swept behind the back,Hit the fly,A bumper is falling down。
Better husband who watch the battle is a master,Eye special poison,But this is,Amazing summer is unbearable。
“Empty-handed white blade,this……”
“Even Yang Jian defeated,Seeing him seems to have not used full。”
“Yang Jian has not used his strength,only……Ugh。”
Yang Jian http://www.beatscn.cn is in the air adjustment center,Double foot heavy on the ground,Leave a pit。
“Give you!”
Summer,Throw the big gun。
Yang Jian’s single hand,Catch the big gun,Chest urgently promotes skin,Face qi and blood。
Look forward to the front,It is difficult to hide your eyes.。
“All right,Let’s go this day.。”
Summer turned around to the building hall。
The rear is facing,Complex look。
“Humph,Beat we have anything.,Arrogant!”
The Du Huai, who was defeated before.,“My sinister brothers are the first people of the husband.,At that time, I will ask him to teach thousands of tricks.!”
This sentence,Li Miaozhen and others see that Du Huai’s face has changed.。