“Yes!”Big fly,Dongxing,Xu Wenqiang three people。

“it is good,The second round of older generations,This bureau is from Jin Dragon,Tiger Wang played,As for the third person,Elder,Two elders,Who are you calm,Who went to Huashan??”Lin Feng looked at the two people。
“Ha ha,I am going to calm.。”Sun Li Tian Wen Haha smiled:“Two elders,give it to you。”
“it is good,Since you stay in Zhongzhou,Then I am playing!”White is loan to hear a heroic:“People see that I have been so powerful.,It is estimated that the old man is more deeper.。”
“Ha ha!”Everyone watched Haha laughed。
“it is good,Golden Brother,Tiger,Two elders,You are the exhibition today.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“necessary,Brother is closed for so long,I finally started the dragon.。”The golden big snake is holding a smoke a few words.。
“The imperial battle is a good battle.。”Tiger Wang exposed sharp teeth,Senhan,Domineering。
“Yes,President。”White is deadly。
“The third round is here.。”Lin Feng heard the Sun Li Tiandao:“Elder,Thanks for your hard work。”
Lin Feng took out the Taihuang Bell and the Bell,The two big gods floated to Sun Litian,Sun Li Tianshi, respectfully, I went up and took the Taihuang Bell and the broken soul bell.。
“do not worry,Anyone here,Have no return。”Sun Li is relaxed,Proud。
His speed is not under the speed of Nirvana,If there is a broken soul bell,Taihuang bell in hand,Acacia,Even if the real Nirvana is coming,Also don’t help him。
“it is good,let’s go!”Lin Feng’s airflow rolling,A whispered Taiji chart is in his feet,Taiji map slot around,Fangyuan 100 meters area。
Tiyin Yao,Big fly,Dongxing,Xu Wenqiang,Hu Meier’s four people gave up,Then the golden big snake,The figure of the Tiger King has also gone。
The other members of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce reveals the color of the envy,After all, this is a vast scene.,Peerless。
“All right,Don’t envy you,Some people will record it,The process of the whole battle will be present。”Lin Feng looked at everyone smile,He turned over,With everyone disappeared in the sky。
NS851chapter Gather Huashan
Huashan,It is one of the Huaxia Five Mountains.,Mountain steep,Steep,The shape is like a sword pointing to the sky.,The momentum is straight to the nine days,Since the Northern Song During the Northern Song Dynasty, the fourth is behind the sword.,There is Huashan, the sword。
I often have a master here.。
Huaxia’s gold forces will be drawn here as the Sword of New Jin Gold Forces.,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce as a new gold forces,Today, today’s sword world!
Huashan’s top,Northern light flashes,A few figure appeared in the empty,Two teams,It is Be Murong and Longshan Pine,These two people are serious,Unmustted,And the two are the two young men.。
One is the new homeowner of Babei,This person is like water,Calm,This is Beijia’s Bei Tianting,Beltian is stable at this moment,I have emerged on a deep imposable breath.,Another one is the dragon creation。
Dragon creation is even more deepest,Be a sea,Darkness,The mysterious airflow is shrouded。
Longchuang and Bei Tiantian,Even the master of reading is very miserable in the flying fairy.,Originally, these people inherit the large bit of dangerous,But these three people finally do everything.,Finally captured a big position,The inheritance of each http://www.cndscf.cn accepted family and behind。
Just when a few people appeared,The Western Sky has passed a bright Buddha number.,The Western void is golden,I have gone out of the figure of a fat ear.,This person is the master of reading。
With the master of reading, there is still a master。
“Amitabha,Good and good。”The direction of the northwest also has a golden ray,A young man’s pedestrian is gone.,This person is a hollow master,The hollow master looks not sad。
And the air master is exactly a big master,In addition to the unity masters, there is a young monk.。
“Allocate,Have come early.。”The southwest direction came to Tang Xihuhaha laughed.,Tang Bihu’s figure smiled and went out,His side stands with a blue windbreaker man,This man is Tang Xichuan。
More than two years,Tang Xichuan is also a sharp step,Be http://www.bowill.cn a horror,Confucius leader,This generation of proud,Inherited a large bit of inheritance,Married married,Other closed customs。
Tang Baohu only pulled Tang Sichuan over。
“Ha ha,Brother,long time no see。”Reading color,Hollow,Dragon,Becheng Tiantian smiled and went to Tang Bo.,Unqualified master,Be Murong,Longshan Song three people stand in the void。
“long time no see。”Tang Xi fire smiled and nodded。
“I don’t know Lin Feng brothers and Zhang Shaozhu brothers.?”Dragon, a smile,When I mention the two,Long Chuangshi has a lot of emotional fluctuations,It seems that many friends who have not seen it have been。
“More than two years,I miss Lin Xiong and Zhang brother.。”Beltian also laughed:“It is good to hear Lin Xiquei’s name throughout the seasior,His gratified。”
“Amitabha。”The two masters and hollow masters have also gave a great Buddha.,And laughed and looked at Tang Bihuo。
“The second brother and the third brother have a little。”Tang Xihu laughs:“Do not worry。”
“Ha ha,Big brother said it is good.,I am coming。”Just when the Tang Bihu is just falling.,A voice came from the distant void,The figure, one of the things, such as jade, appeared in front of everyone.。