Zhou Qianqian Mind,After entering the game, I will choose a very violent hero.,To send anger。

Unevenly,Be overwhelmed。
Fortunately,Although the person from Nan Ge founded nothing,But the routine is especially,And is a powerful thigh,Hard students lifted them two to put a pair of homes。
Since the same time。
The man’s wheat is still playing the world,From time to time with a few cats,But Zhou Qianqian has been used to it.。
Until the end,Zhou Qianqian asked:“诶 Li Nan,Why don’t your friend talk?,Listening to the cat called,Is he also a student of our school??”
“which school?”The man finally spoke。
“Colorful。”Zhou Qian’s aftertaste,Wretched smile,“Your voice is quite good.,Is it our medicine??”
“Yes,My name is Zhou。”
“……Your http://www.szdjbbqnwjvqfe.cn voice is not awkward.?”
“Oh?now what?”槐 改 改 周 离。
“no kidding!”Nan Ge showed,“She is our class teacher,Zhou Qianqian。Let me introduce,This name is a storm,Is my friend I know before going to college,It’s more handsome than around。”
“real or fake?”
“Do you think you mean??He just imitates the sound of others.,Really left!”
“no!Really than Zhou?”
“You will climb your special child.!”Nangong speechless。
“This is a pure appreciation!”
Nan Ge retreated directly。
And the other side,槐 序 序 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己,Then stretched a lazy waist and saw the following table.。
It’s already too late.。
The group didn’t know how many times climbed over,One bar in his keyboard,Don’t let him play games。
Also turn to observe his reaction。
But this time I didn’t take her away.,But hands with hands,Lying behind——
“I don’t play.!”
“You can’t bother me.!You are not angry?”
Looking at the expression of a group,槐 傻 傻,Then get up and go to the bedroom:“I went to sleep.!”
This evening is very good.。
Zhouzhi is completely opposite。
He forgot to lock the door last night.,In the middle of the night, the group slipped in.,Start parking in his room,Not only jump up,Also, he stepped over every place in the whole body.。
Saturday morning,Zhouzhi still wakes up according to the creature,But the spirit is much bigger than ever.。
Come to the living room,The first thing he did is to wake up the group from the paper box.,The second thing is to http://www.qmysl.cn lay a sofa。
“喵 喵~~Why bothering a group of people sleeping?”