Can only shout two words in the bottom,“summer……”

Her body is broken。
Summer wow,Spit out a blood,Shade。
He is not pulling big bow,Quietly,Cold and cold。
In the mind,A picture is like a shackle.。
first meet,Empty Valley,Smile,“Uncle,You remember you have to come to me.。”
Again see,Ancient spirits,“summer……Remember to come to me.……”
A pile,One piece,A picture alternate flash,Summer feels a mess in my mind。
But at this time,Luo Water Road is a big change。
Each saint returning,They all mean the soul of the water lane, the soul is satisfactory.。
Because she is a saint,The saint is her。
However, the demon of the left small fish,But there is a half-channel rune that is not broken。
not only that,This pen island rune seems to have a embankment,The soul energy of the Luohai main,Out of the boiling。
Luo Water Road is sighing,“Sure enough, it’s not feasible.……”
Summer standing in the picture,Sudden body shape。
Sudden room,He feels a unable to describe pound energy,Troud to the Dantian universe。
Water system rises from chaos eight heavy days。
Chaos eight heavy heavens、Later、peak、Great success……
NS4217chapter Echo
NS4217chapter Echo
Summer is sudden,I didn’t expect that my self will have this change.。
It’s not a common man in it.。
I found the source almost a moment.。
It is that stay in Dangtian、Half-channel rune belonging to left small fish!
This moment,I thought of many in summer.,Ten million thoughts。
Ho Ran looked up,Light curtain through the picture,Look outside Luohai Lord。
I saw that Luo Water Lord not only face her face.,Even her facial features,Variable changes……Give him a familiar feeling。
Who is summer?。
Nowadays, not only promotion of the fire,The water system is a holy king of chaos eight heavens.。
He is almost in an instant。
Can’t help but!
His space in his space,Six products are running。
Strong, such as the war of heavens,He will send the half-road jade into the big team.。