Ten months arrested thousands of illegal and criminals, this transnational (side) (side) a large smaller case broke

The most difficult thing to arrest the main criminals outside the border. The task force captured eight sneak people, survey, behind the scenes, was Zhang.

Zhang was smuggler to overseas, gotting criminal network, and organized others to illegally steal the country (side). "Zhang has a criminal preceding department, anti-investigation awareness, overseas remote control command, contact the next single line, often convert the hidden point, and the difficulty is very difficult. This person is crucial in this case. If you don’t catch the arrest, The case will not be able to break through.

"Huang Wei said Huang Wei, a team of Pu’er border management detachment, Yunnan Entry and Exit Frontier Inspection Terminal.

On February 11th, Wanjia Light’s New Year’s Eve, the task force examined Zhang’s 2 hidden places, immediately started the international police law enforcement cooperation mechanism, and jointly launched a crafted action in combination with overseas law enforcement departments, and captured Zhang. On February 14, the overseas law enforcement departments will be handed over to us.

Zhang gave a case, and the cases were deeply cut into an important breakthrough in the case.

Extended: From 3 people to 1292 people through deep excavation, the police found a batch of criminals against the country (while), and sentenced thousands of people involved in the case, and mastered Zhang as the core, domestic and foreign collusion Multiple criminal gangs. An agency is strict, the division of labor is clear, and the huge criminal network with complex levels is gradually clarified. In view of the serious complex case, the region is wide, the National Immigration Administration decided to list the case as a key listing, will be developed with the Ministry of Public Security, Criminal Investigation, Net Android and other business bureaus, research and deployment of Yunnan Edge Trial Station and Fujian, Hunan 25 provinces (districts and municipal) public security organs of Guangdong and Guizhou were verified by clues discovered by the case.