Tianjin Beichen District Committee Network Office held a party history to learn education mobilization deployment meeting

Recently, Tianjin Beichen District Committee Network Office held a party history to study and mobilize the deployment meeting. Office, Beichen District Party History Learning Education Mobilization Council Conference, deploying a party history education in the whole day. The District Commission Network Tribin Office and all the party members and cadres in the affiliated institutions participated in the meeting. The meeting pointed out that in the whole party to carry out partial history education, it is a new starting point for the party’s 100-year history. The Greatness of the National Great Rejuvenation Strategy is the global and the world’s 100-year universal change. Major decisions made by mismathematism.

As a new era, Netcom cadres, we must deeply understand the significance of studying party history education. Strive to promote the new level of the network security and informationization of Beichen District.

The meeting emphasized that the party history education is running through this year, it is a major event in the party’s political life. All doing it should put the party history education as a major political task, highly attach great importance to, high-level promotion, and ensure learning education Really, receive effectiveness.

It is necessary to highlight the ideological leadership, and in-depth understanding of the scientific, truth, the scientific, truth, the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, especially Xi Jinping’s new era, and consciously strengthen the party’s innovation theory; to strengthen responsibility transmission, level Party organizations must strictly implement the deployment requirements of the central and municipal party committees, and district committees, accurate direction, grasp the key, carefully planned, and constantly strengthen the sense of responsibility of the network mission; to create a strong atmosphere, fully use all kinds The new media platform, publicize the popularity of the people’s history, talking about the story of the party.

In order to build a large-scale major theme of the party, combined with the characteristics of Beichen District, carefully create a batch of media work, and continuously enhance the attraction and appeal of party history education; to focus on historical power, put the students to learn the experience, the reality, promote Net letter works, combining the actual problems, learning education and day-to-day work together, integrate promotion, and constantly improve the ability of Netcom work in the history of history.