Two-way ten lanes, full-time no red green light pass time is expected to be shortened for 15 minutes!

Original title: two-way ten lanes, full-time red green light pass time is expected to be shortened for 15 minutes! Shacy Line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project, some road construction has completed two-way ten lanes, and there is no red green light! After the completion, it will greatly improve the surrounding residents, and the pass time is expected to be shortened for 15 minutes. On November 11th, "Double Eleven" is busy buying goods, Chengdu Shacy Line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project, the construction personnel are busy grabbing the work, stepped up the drainage project on the construction site, road The Subgrade is finalized. According to Chengdu Chengdu, Sand West Line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project, Jiang Lu, Shatai Line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project, connects the three-way road to Jiaotong University, and the project except for freight avenue railway cross-line bridge. In addition, the remaining sections will reach the traffic conditions before the Spring Festival 2022. Vaccination has been completed in 6 paragraphs, and the vaccination has been completed, and the personal information is recorded, and the personal information is registered. If the body temperature is measured, if it is normal, it can be entered. "On the 11th, the reporter has just come to the Sha West Line (Xihua Avenue ) The project department of the renovation project, a staff member wearing protective clothing stopped the reporter.

After the reporter completes all the epidemic prevention procedures, the staff is released.

Jiang Lu introduced that more than 60 administrators of the entire project department were completed in September this year. After the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the project department was inspected by all personnel, and the 7-person health code became yellow code. The project department immediately reported in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements and requested these personnel to isolate and conduct nucleic acid detection. The health code is turned green back to work. "In fact, in addition to the construction of the project department, we set up a temporary isolation point. In order to effectively control, we divide the entire project into 6 paragraphs." Jiang Lu said, after segmentation, there is a person in charge, daily Check the construction personnel and report on the epidemic conditions daily. After the refinement of epidemic prevention, the effect of the epidemic is minimized, and the progress of project construction is steadily advanced.

The two-way ten lanes will segment into the road surface construction stage Shatai line as an important city rapid passage connecting Chengdu downtown urban and Qudu District, the line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project starts in the three-way road to traffic, end point Located in the Jinniu District and the Queu District, the line is full of kilometers.

After the transformation, the standard section road width is 57 meters, and the construction of the two-way ten lane standards. Reconstruction projects include roads, drains, two cross-line bridges, pedestrian crossing, integrated gallery, power tunnel, pipeline migration, green landscape, transportation and lighting. "In April last year, the project officially began to enter the construction.

In August this year, the three-way road to 950 meters from the whole length of the film and television college officially completed the car, and the whole line was built to open a good foundation.

According to Jiang Lu, at present, the construction of the whole line is steadily advanced in accordance with the scheduled period. The large-scale integrated gallery has completed 80%; the micro-gallery project completed 90%; the drainage project completed 60%; the bridge project completed 60%; road engineering 40% complete.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, the reporter saw in the Shatai Line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project near Quanxing Road, the road infrastructure has been basically completed, the on-site construction workers are installing the street light line, the drainage pipes on both sides of the road are also doing Final construction.

"The next step, the Sandy Line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project will segment into the road surface construction stage." Jiang Lu said that the entire project has been built into the three-way road to the film and television college, the film and television college to the cargo avenue , The general road to the area is part of the district community, which will reach the traffic condition before the Spring Festival of the 2022. After the 10,000-ton shot bridge revolving, the three-way roadway to the Jinniu District and the 郫-郫 区 段 段 段 段 段 段 段. 至. 至.. 至.. 至 至 至"The ferroad cross-line bridge of the freight avenue is the critical project of the whole line, not only the difficulty is difficult, and the construction period is longer. According to the construction situation, the bridge is expected to build a train next year. At that time, the whole line is officially completed." Jiang Lu told reporters, freight avenue The railway cross-line bridge is a full-line control engineering. It is understood that the cross-line bridge design is 1373 meters, in order to ensure the progress of the construction, it does not affect the normal operation of the railway line, and designs the transducer bridge design. After the pier column is completed, it is first parallel to the railway line to build a transang bridge. After the overall completion, the total bridge is achieved after the rotation. The reporter saw on the spot. At present, the transpli bridge mainy is in the construction of the construction, and the pier column on the other side of the railway line has been completed. According to the technical person in charge of the project, the construction of the transducer bridge is expected to be completed at the end of next year. After completion of the railway period, after 2 hours to complete 10,000 tons of bridge transposes, the whole line will also achieve penetration.

The Shatai Line (Xihua Avenue) renovation project is based on two-way ten lane standards. After the whole process, the whole line is completed, it will greatly improve the travel efficiency of the three-way road to enter the city vehicle and surrounding residents. Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star Journalist Yan Yuxheng Photography Reporter Lu Guo Ying (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.