"Night" second quarter on the line to open the night

Every night, every night has their stories and meditation.

Lin Chen classmates became popular because of the "Wuhan Epidemic Diary" and realized the power of logging life. On the road to become a professional creator, he has been confused, confused, but he still insists on his high quality work, sharing a beautiful bit of a record in life.

Yang Chao graduated from the female group, 22 years old, she walked to the intersection of life. It has become a female artist from ordinary girls in a short time, and the transformation of life has brought a lot of unreal feelings. Walking in the hot eyes, you should see the inner scenery, it will not be lost. Li Yongle is the teacher of the National People’s Congress. It is also a popular scientific video creator with thousands of fans. He hopes to realize the ideals of our own education, so that more children in remote areas can learn knowledge through the Internet.

At the same time as the aura brought by the Internet traffic, Li Yongle is also learning to bring new identity to himself. Sun Hao, the actor of the Beijing People’s Art Theater, with the footsteps of the industrial complex production, returning to the stage to reach the drama "Camel Xiangzi". As a drama actor, a strong belief is needed and the enthusiasm of life, and it is constantly expressing his emotion, carving more fine in the tunnel of life.

The spirit of inheriting the old and old artist in Beijing is always the direction of her.

Financial video creators are tempered, both of the traditional industry CEO, and a Financial University V. During the epidemic, he transformed into a video creator, and he started his entrepreneurial journey. He hoped that he hoped to leave more people who were recognized by the public, and try to become an example of their own children … The current column has been launched 3 episodes, the style of program documentation, the exquisite pictures are praised by netizens, and netizens have falsely express their love.

"Night returned" related topic is also a hot discussion on the Internet, only the top 3 episodes have exceeded 30 million, and the two episodes will be on October 21st, on October 23.

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