Reading on December 13th Global Epidemic: Global Extra Juvenile diagnosis over 490,000 cases of more than 270 million cases of the United States 73,000 people have died

According to the Worldometer real-time statistics, as of 6:30 on December 14, Beijing, the global cumulative diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia was confirmed by 2708,8355 cases, and the cumulative death case was 5326,528.

The global single-day new diagnosis case was 496,305 cases, and 5,133 cases of new death.

Data show that the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Turkey is five countries with the largest number of new diagnosed cases. Russia, the United States, Germany, Vietnam, Ukraine is five countries with the top count. The United States added more than 70,000 cases of diagnosis of diagnosis of 73 days, 10,000 people died of the WORLDOMETER real-time statistics, as of around December 14th, Beijing time, the United States was confirmed by 50,887,1096 cases of new coronal pneumonia, and 818426 cases of death. Compared with 6:30, the United States added 70,595 cases of new diagnosis cases, 471 cases of new death cases.

The US epidemic prevention situation is facing severe test.

According to the statistics of Reuters, the US new crown disease has increased from 600,000 to 700,000 cases for only 111 days, and then only 73 days will reach 800,000 cases.

This year, more than 450,000 people have died after being infected with new crown viruses, accounting for 57% of all new crown deaths in the United States since the outbreak of the epidemic.

British add more than 10,000 cases of diagnosis of new crown epidemic alert level According to Worldometer real-time statistics, as of about 6:30 on December 14, Beijing time, 54,661 cases of new neoplacton diagnosis in the UK, cumulative cases 10873468 cases 38 cases of new death cases were added, and 146,477 cases were accumulated.

The British Health and Social Health Department issued an announcement that the UK’s new crown epidemic alarm level was upgraded to level 4 to deal with O’Kwell poison strains in the country.

The New Crown Epidemic Alert System established in the UK is divided into 5 levels, the higher the level, which means that the government needs to take more stringent epidemic prevention measures.

France added more than 10,000 diagnosed cases to seize thousands of fake new crown Pass French public health bureaus on December 13th updated data show that French new coronary pneumonia confirmed patients with 8270,728 cases, with new diagnosis than the previous day 12036 cases; 231 cases of new deaths, 120662 cases of death.

According to Media, the United States, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Minister of Internal Affairs, General Jerald Damin, said that the French authorities have seized thousands of forged new crown health pass throughout France.

Da Ma Ning said that there have been approximately 400 surveys on the soldtle ticket, including some investigations related to health professionals. Russia added Nearly 30,000 cases of diagnosis of Austrian Austrian diagnosis of 16 patients issued by the Russian Epidemic Prevention Command 13. There is 29,555 cases of new chassis cases in Russia, and the diagnosis of 100,46454 cases is diagnosed. 1121 cases 290604 cases of death.

According to the 13th, the Russian New Agency reported that the Russian vice premier Golkova said that the Russian new crown mutant strain O’Cemark was confirmed by 16 cases. The World Health Organization said on the 12th of the Local Time, O’Kek’s poison lapeting has spread to 63 countries and regions.

(Source: overseas network).