Yanjiang: The City of Ecological Health in China Longevity

The Yansheng District of Ziyang City is located in the heart of the Sichuan Basin, has a long history of history, and the industry is prosperous. The area of ??the whole area of ??1632 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 22 townships, 4 sub-district offices, with a total population of 1.1 million. In 2017, the county-level economic comprehensive evaluation of Sichuan Province was 15th in Sichuan Province, and the title of "Advanced County" of the province is won for 7 consecutive years.

Traffic location map – long history, cultural wild尧 为 资 地, Xia Liangzhou, Zhou Zhiyuan is the country, 135 BC (Han Wu Di Jianyuan 6 years), because the city is in the north of the water (now Lijiang), the name " ".

The ecology of the Lijiang River is perfect, Jin Yan is always living, so Jiang Zi Yanjiang, the city is Yansheng. Yanjiang is called "the original hometown of 人", unearthed in 1951, 35,000 years of "Native" Skull fossils, Confucius’s division, Western Han Dynasty "Yan" has left flash footprint in Yanjiang, high Taiwan lion dance, paper-cut, and Sichuan Opera "Ziyang River" sects and other ancient cultural inheritance, laid the deep and thick heritage of the capital culture.

– Excellent location and convenient Wild Wild River.

Yansheng 87 kilometers away from Chengdu, 200 kilometers from Chongqing, there is "Dongda Road" through the "Dongda Road", it is an important material distribution area and transportation in Bayu.

At present, Yanjiang is accelerating the construction of the transportation system that "docking the Tianfu, Direct Airport, the interior circulation, and network". From 25 kilometers from the Tianfu International Airport, it will go to Yanjiang, from Chengdu to the high-speed rail to Yanjiang only 26 Minute, in the territory, Chengdu high-speed railway, Chengdu high-speed railway, Chengdu highway, the capital of the highway, the highway, the highway, Rail Transit No. 18, Jiangyang section, Rongkun high-speed rail successively launched planning and construction, Yanjiang District traffic The advantage will be more obvious.

Southwest Electric Mall – Open Development, Vibrant Yandong. Yan Jiang insisted on opening up, grasping great opening and promoting the development, and striving to promote the big investment and raise business. Carry out the "Industrial Investment" in the advantageous industry, introduced a batch of support-type pilot-chained major industrial projects; relying on the park platform to promote the intensive development of the industrial collection group; organize the small team to carry out "accurate investment", "one A "to promote key projects to sign up. Yanjiang is fully promoted to open cooperation, strengthen cooperation with "all the way" and the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea Economy Circle, and promotes the opening of Yanjiang in the inland area.

– The industry is prosperous and prosperous. Yanjiang Industrial Economics is in the top three, medical and health industries, green food beverage industries in Sichuan Province, and the advantages of equipment manufacturing industry, the main industry, etc. The capabilities are ranked first in Asia, the first, southwest; e-commerce, modern logistics, healthy and other emerging modern service industries thrive.

At present, Yansheng has a Korean modern, Baiwei Yingbo, Hong Kong Jiaduobao and other 25 500 companies settled in the development. Foshan Orange Sea – Ecological Lifetion, longevity Wilderness. Yanjiang is "China’s longevity", the climate is gentle, ecological and livable, the total population is 1.1 million, the per capita life is 77 years old, 3 years old, 3 years old, 95 people aged 3, the highest life is 111 years old, is ecological health , Live a leisure. Focusing on the goal of "Ecological Jiangcheng, the ecological Jiangcheng, the ecological Jiangcheng" in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, Ecological Jiangcheng, 2009, launched the planning and construction of Chengdong New District, the first phase of 31 square kilometers of urban framework, Ji Shijiang Wetland City park, urban roads along the green belt, the urban ecological greening system integrated into one in the city has been accelerated, and the urban green area has more than 2.7 million square meters, and the coverage of urban green space reaches 46%.

– Service quality, efficient Yandong. Continuously promote the right to ration, the unit, optimize the service, optimize the administrative examination and approval process, and inspire the market and social vitality.

Strict implementation of the first question, limited time to the system, implement the "Internet +" government service, high service efficiency.

Adhere to the promotion of decision-making, open, management disclosure, disclosure, and the results, the government’s transparency is high. Adhere to the "words must be rising", drive business integrity and social integrity, trustworthy and incentives and faith punishment mechanisms, and social environment integrity and reliable.

Qianlong is in the Yuan, ready to go; the ancient sacred spring, the voice is unlimited! The old and young city of Yanjiang is in the infinite development vitality.

Today, Yanjiang, economic prosperity, social harmony, people’s livelihood improvement, the industry development is more prosperous, the urban and rural environment is more beautiful, the investment environment is more optimized. New Rural Construction – Guardian and Yanjiaba.