2021 first Beijing public archaeological season officially launched

The opening ceremony of the first Beijing public archaeological season.

The organizer is opened in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Archaeological Centennial Promotion. At the opening ceremony, Song Xinchao, the party group and deputy director of the National Cultural Relics Bureau, pointed out that the archaeological of the Beijing area witnessed many important nodes in the history of archaeological history, and made a prominent contribution to the development of modern archeology. The next step should continue to advance "Ten Archaeological work during the four five "period. Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department, Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Wang Jie, director of the Beijing Film Bureau, Guo Yanhong, Fangshan District, President of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society, the original dean of the Forbidden City Museum, has also given a speech. Mr. Jingfeng, Director of Asia and Pacific Ocean, the UNESCO World Heritage Center, said in a speech that Beijing will hope that Beijing will better do a good job in cultural heritage protection, contribute more examples for the world heritage, so that excellent Chinese traditional culture is constantly going out. Continuously improve China’s soft strength and reputation. UNESCO Beijing Office Cultural Commissioner Ancient Kui Zhoukou Site 1st place (人 hole) protected the building project awards.

According to reports, this public’s archaeological season is two months. During the event, the public participation, archaeological experience, special exhibition, cloud display, academic lectures, etc. will have a total of 24 activities, highlight academic, participatory, and spread. Sex, let the broad masses of the people in colorful activities, the zero-distance distances in the absence of cultural connotation, to expand the communication power and influence of Beijing’s archaeological research, and better serve the national cultural center construction.

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