China @ 四 川 | From "Juvenile Vit" to "Babai Transmition" – Yang Wu Can 60

  "Green Tale" is accompanied by generations of generations, and bringing this classic to the country, it is the highest prize in China’s translation. In more than 60 years of translation career, he translated 31 classic masterpieces such as "Haign lyrical poetry" "Youth Vit", "Yende and China", "Goer and China", etc. The work is edited, and the "German", "Tulip Translation Translation", and many of these books have been selling well from the publication, and they are loved by generations of readers. Nowadays, Yang Wu Can still continue to work.

In recent years, he has used the Chongqing Library to organize the opportunity of "Green Fairy Tale Night" and communicate with small readers. Recently, in order to let the readers understand the story behind him, Yang Wu can open the WeChat public number "Babi Translation", and update the public number and become one of his main work. Yang Wune said: "Life is to create, create to dedication. My philosophy is only translated classic books from the beginning, hoping to dedication to the excellent translation literature, enriching their spiritual world, enriching our country’s literature treasure gallery.