Germany Kach world first third-generation AI intelligent cleaning robot, leading intelligent depth cleaning new era

At 10:40 am, November 6th, the third-generation AI smart cleaning robot Kirab50, the latest third-generation AI intelligent cleaning robot KiRab50, the new market show, release platform, is the first to release the platform. After the era, Kach will continue to root the Chinese market, lead the traditional cleaning and the frontier technology products, lead the traditional cleaning into the intelligent depth clean new era, Zhijing Beautiful China, for the double cycle.

Kach 3rd Generation AI Smart Cleaning Robot Global First, Intelligent Upgrade New Cleaning Experience Kach’s new third-generation AI smart cleaning robot KiRab50 is based on China’s market demand, through deep development, continuous optimization and continuous innovation, created the world A cleaning robot using visual navigation technology.

Compared to the first two generations, the new generation robot is equipped with the world’s first visual and laser fusion navigation positioning system and microwave sensing system, multiple perceptions are combined with the AI ??algorithm, making Kira more intelligent, efficient, safe, and can adapt to various Different application environments.

The KiRab50 is equipped with 10 major types, more than 40 sensors to help the robots have done multi-dimensional, all-round perceived abilities such as visual, tactile, depth, and distance, combined with independent research and development from the robotic cerebellanta to five officials through the robot. There is no deadly angle of the environment. The robot’s head is installed with a single-graphic panoramic camera that can track the characteristics of thousands of landmarks in the environment, helping them to achieve high-precision positioning on the basis of laser radar systems. With the self-developed Sparkoz robot control platform and low-power ARM architecture, 3 trillion computation can be performed per second. At the same time, in the bottom of the robot, multiple autonomous developed anti-interference single-point laser ranging sensors are installed; on both sides of the vehicle body, the long-range high-speed laser radar of single photoelanar is equipped; in the front and rear directions of the robot, All are equipped with a 135 super-wide-angle depth camera.

With a variety of black technology, Kah Ai smart cleaning robot Kirab50 can quickly build a schematic of 30,000 square meters in 20 minutes, the accuracy reaches meters, the one-time pass rate is 99%, and can also be reached, modified Equal to further enhance accuracy and efficiency of the area of ??the defects and mistakes. The third generation AI intelligent cleaning robot also adopts a new generation of Clean + machine structure, under the cooperation of full automation, significantly reduce artificial intervention degree, task intelligence management and synergy can help robots better integrate into the cleaning process, performance improvement of 50% . In addition, new upgraded U + user interaction systems, by optimizing user interactive pages, making operational communication more easily, bringing truly efficient robot cleaning experiences for customers. Today, today, people are more concerned with clean and health, with intelligent depth cleaning technology to ensure the safety of production and life, and is the only way to achieve high quality development.

Compared with the traditional scrubber, a new generation of Kach Ai intelligent cleaning robots can effectively reduce the contact frequency between the personnel, reduce the risk of infection between the cleaning workers and people, and the largest. The degree is escorted for public health and safety. Zhijing Beautiful China, opening up the development of the new pattern as a leader in the global cleaning industry, continues to deep into the Chinese market, and further integrate into the dual cycle development pattern, which is the development strategy that Kach has been practicing.

The world’s first unique Chinese characteristic AI smart clean robot Kirab50 is the Kah R & D team, based on the world’s advanced intelligent cleaning technology, fully exploits China’s consumer market demand, and China’s top vision navigation system Teamwork, through local research and development and production, a cutting-edge commercial AI smart cleaning product, is also a deep cleaning market in Kahzan, China, which is exclusively developed by Chinese consumers.

Ai intelligent cleaning robots not only open the new journey created by Germany Carter China, but also representative of Kah Fu to China’s economic double cycle. The third generation AI smart cleaning robot Kirab50 will be supplied to the global consumer market, which promotes China’s starting point, benefiting from China as the starting point, benefiting the global consumer, and realizes domestic international double cycle. On the spot, Mr. Tang Xiaodong, President of Kahda, Mr. Tang Xiaodong, and Dr. Cui Wei, the founder of Cui Wei, bringing artificial intelligence. China’s clean new era, for the guests of the guests, how to show intelligent technology, how to share all walks of life Creating new opportunities. Mr. Tang Xiaodong said in an interview with CCTV journalists: Compared with other markets, we found that the cleaning task facing Chinese consumers is more difficult, and the scene is more complex and diversified. Therefore, it is more demanding for the smart navigation capacity of the product.

Based on this, we cooperate with Dr. Cui, independently developed the world’s first cleaning robot using visual navigation technology, truly solving the cleaning points of Chinese consumers, and the birth of this product also means German Kach Formally open the new journey of China’s research and China. We will take this as an opportunity to continue to promote China’s clean industry optimization and upgrading, and enforce energy for household cleaning, industrial and commercial industry and smart city. At this session, Cartoon has eight major global new products and full range of cleaning solutions, providing more customized cleaning products and services for partners, and bringing more consumption options for Chinese consumers.

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