Do you know how you look like a nail fox?

1. Prepare the phototherapy extension material, give the nails, then brush the nails to brush a layer of underglant, wait for the undercoat to dry, remove the paper support, give a nail on a paper, paper support to plug Under the nail, then give a proper amount of extended glue (also called phototherapy), after exhaling, remove the paper trapping. 2, cultivate the pointed shape, grind the nail into the front end is the shape of the pointed shape, while grinding the nail, grinding the roof and flat, sorry, there is a bit like a lawlite, just a ridge. Then, remove the fine brush, take a white gum, paint a spiral expression on the front end of the nails, it is best to draw a good contour with a thin brush, then use the brush to brush a thin thin twice (brush over, take dry, Then brush the second time, it is best to complete each time it is over.

3, draw the fox, remove the fine brush to correct the edge of the second pass, let the edges are more straight, finally take dry, scrub the fine brush, then paint the fox, two curves The eyes are finished.