Party members and cadres in our city have hotly discussed the City’s Sixth Party Congress Report

  In the Western (Chongqing) Science City Science Avenue project department, party members study party history in the party member activity room.

(Photo on June 9, 2021) Chief Journalist Long Fan Photo/Visual Chongqing promoted the development of various causes. The key lies in the party, the key is to others.

  The Municipal Sixth Party Congress Report proposes that we must not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, be brave in self -revolution, implement the general requirements of the party’s construction in the new era and the organizational route of the party in the new era, continue to consolidate the development of a good political ecology, and guide it with high -quality party building.Guarantee high -quality development.

  How should the party organization be built? How do party members do? How to guide young party members to grow up healthy? In the past few days, the majority of party members and cadres in our city have given heated discussions on how to comprehensively and strictly govern the party in the next five years.

  General Branch of the Party Branch of the Wulong District along the River Village: Give full play to the role of the fighting fortress of grass -roots party organizations, lead the rural rejuvenation last weekend. Essence The party emblem of party members in the village, as volunteers to check the "two yards" of tourists, and guide tourists to visit in order. Alonghe Village is located on the southern foot of Tongzi Mountain. In recent years, the village has adhered to the party building as the lead, promoting rural rejuvenation, and realizing a strong village and rich people. At present, along the River Village has developed more than 2,500 acres of ginkgo ginkgo, creating special attractions and camping bases such as the Yancang River Grand Canyon, Yuquan Pond, and received more than 20,000 tourists an annual reception, giving the villagers a stable income. The general branch of the village party has also won the honor of the grass -roots party building demonstration village of Wulong District and the advanced grassroots party organization. "The Municipal Sixth Party Congress Report proposed that the combat fortress was consolidated and the party organizations at all levels were strongly improved.

This allows us to further clarify the goal of struggle. The party members of our party branch are stubborn, ready to get up with their sleeves! "He Kelong, the secretary of the Party Branch of the River Village. Next, the Party Branch of the River Village will focus on the strategic goals of rural revitalization to give full play to the role of the combat fortress of the grassroots party organization and the role of the pioneer of party members, and build the" party branch+party group+party group+ The party members contact the account "three -level linkage, comprehensively implement the" four discussions and two openness "," four public public ", etc., with a good party style to bring folk customs, condense the people’s hearts with the party’s heart, and lead the masses to achieve rural revitalization and common prosperity. Fang Xu, a professor of the college and a member of the Youth Lecture of the Youth League Committee: Continuously enhanced the aspirations, bones, and confidence of the Chinese people on the morning of May 30th. The party’s activists preached the requirements of the party to rigo strictly. On the stage, Fang Xu’s preaching is easy to explain; on the stage, the party activists listened to it. "How to implement the strict and strict governance of the party? The Municipal Sixth Party Congress Report proposed that Chongqing’s main tasks of strictly governing the party in the next five years, and proposed to continue to consolidate the development of a good political ecology and lead the guarantee of high -quality development with high -quality party building. "Fang Xu said at the preaching meeting that the banner clearly talked about politics, ensuring the unity and concentration of the party is the party’s life, and it is also the key to our party to become a century -old party and create a century. Ensure that the entire party obeys the central government and maintains the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized and unified leadership. Fang Xu said that as a member of the Youth Lecture of the Communist Party of China, he will further preach the latest achievements of Sinicization of Marxism and inspire young people to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. He is responsible, continuously enhances the aspirations, bones, and confidence of the Chinese, and contributes your youth for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country. Hu Yuancong, a professor of Southwest University of Political Science and Law: The cultivation of young students always listen to the party, always contact the party’s bedroom with the party Students of famous and economic difficulties and students who help many employment -Hu Yuancong, a professor of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and Secretary of the Party Branch of the Financial Law Financial Law Teaching and Research Office of the School of Economics and Law of the School of Economics and Law, has been busy organizing the party members and teachers of the branch to carry out the "three one" activity , Help young students solve difficult things in terms of learning, psychology, employment and other aspects.

  "Grass -level party organizations in colleges and universities are an important part of the party’s ruling system.

The report of the party’s congress mentioned that ‘the new era of Chongqing youth must always listen to the party’ s words and always go with the party ’, which is also an important task for our colleges and universities to teach and educate people. "Hu Yuancong said that as the secretary of the party branch of colleges and universities, he had a clearer direction from the report of the party congress and learned confidence and strength." Youth has unlimited hope and youth creates a better tomorrow.

"Hu Yuancong said that he will carefully study and propagate the spirit of the party’s congress with the party members. The pioneer of the times, strive to build the "red coordinate system" of soul -making and educate people, cultivate young students in mind the youth oath of "ask the party to rest assured, the strong country and me", work hard on the youth track, and let the youth fly in the new journey of modernization. dream.

  Ji Yunguo, director of Huaxin Street Sub -district Office, Jiangbei District: Fixing Pei Yuan with integrity culture and continuously creating a highly rejection of corruption society. On May 30, after watching the "small and micro harm" of the integrity warning education film, Huaxin, Jiangbei District, Jiangbei District Ji Yunguo, director of the street office office, feels deeply: "Although these people’s positions are low, ‘energy’ is not small; the amount involved is not large, but the impact is extremely bad!" " Shaking, unswervingly pushing the anti -corruption struggle to depth, this shows the spirit of our party’s bravery self -revolution. " The importance of struggle.

At present, multiple communities in Huaxin Street have opened up a warning education zone to play various types of special films; combined with the construction of integrity culture in Jiangbei District, carry out the integrity cultural activities of the "Qingfeng Runwan" series of families, and build party members and cadres to refuse corruption to prevent corruption. Dike; relying on media integration, launch a large number of new and clean cultural new media products to promote the concept of integrity and integrity; integrate positive guidance with negative warnings, and use typical cases around them to educate party members and cadres to know the awe, keep fear, and keep the bottom line. Ji Yunguo said that as a grass -roots cadre, he took the initiative to take the initiative to act, correctly exercise power, consciously accept supervision, play the basic role of integrity education, continuously strengthen the construction of grass -roots integrity culture, and further create a social fashion of highly rejection of corruption. Our reporter Luo Yun, Yang Yan, Zi, Han Yi, Li Zhifeng Huang Qiao (Editor: Gai Chun, Liu Zhengning) shared to let more people see it.