The new vocational education law is "supporting" for occupational and ordinary education equality.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 27 (Reporter Xu Zhuang) "Vocational education is equally important as ordinary education. These two types of education are not different from high and low.

"When interpreting the newly revised vocational education law on the 27th, Chen Ziji, director of the Department of Education and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education and Adult Education. The voting of the meeting will be implemented from May 1st.

Public opinion is generally looking forward to the old concepts such as "vocational education is low -level education" and "vocational school students’ narrow channels" in society.

The press conference of the Ministry of Education that day was to introduce the relevant situation of the law.

  How to respond to social concerns, so that vocational education creates more high -quality skill talents for Chinese manufacturing and China? Chen Ziji introduced that for the first time, the new vocational education law clarified that "vocational education is a type of education that has the same important status as ordinary education", and through the top -level design such as ordinary vocational integration, it truly realizes the improvement of vocational education social recognition. In order to implement the "vocational education and ordinary education", many "practical enrollment" in the new vocational education law also stipulates that the national coordinated development of vocational education and general education is stipulated; Enjoy equal opportunities with students of ordinary schools at the same level; stipulate that employers shall not set up applications, hires, and employment conditions that hinder vocational school graduates with equal employment and fair competition.

  The amendment of this law has gathered practical experience in vocational education reform and development over the years.

my country has now built the world’s largest vocational education system. There are more than 10 million vocational schools with more than 30 million students.

As my country has entered a new stage of development, industrial upgrading and economic structure adjustment have accelerated, and the needs of all walks of life for technical and technical talents are becoming more and more urgent, and the important position and role of vocational education are becoming more and more prominent. "Many current laws are not adapted to the needs of reform and development.

"Deng Chuanhuai, Director of the Policy and Regulations Department of the Ministry of Education, said that the new vocational education law optimizes the positioning of vocational education, further promotes the reform of education methods, school running models, management systems, and guarantee mechanisms, enhances vocational education adaptability, and accelerates the construction of a modern vocational education system. "It will promote the cultivation of more high -quality technical and skillful talents, ingenious craftsmen, and great artisans, and provide high -quality human resources support for promoting economic and social development and improving national competitiveness. "".