Do not intervene in civil economic disputes with criminal means

  This year’s two high reports proposed that it resolutely prevent civil liability from becoming criminal responsibility, more effectively preventing and controlling cases, guilty, and intervening in civil economic disputes in the name of criminal cases.

  There are risks in business operations, there are thousands of market exchanges, and disputes are inevitable. Just among illegal fund -raising, contract disputes, and contract fraud, there are very different behaviors. It is often only one step away. Once the handling of these civil economic disputes is "upgraded" to criminal level, market entities and leaders will be more prominently affected and more severe in terms of credibility, capital flow, and business activities. There are many companies involved in the case that the person in charge is arrested, sentenced to sentence cannot be produced normally, and even closed down and workers laid off.

  The report of the two high reports reiterated to prevent civil economic disputes from being treated as criminal cases. Cases that applicable to the Civil Code cannot hold the criminal law to "buckle hats".

The people’s court strengthened the protection of property rights and re -trial 30 39 cases of criminal injustice involved in enterprises; the Supreme Prosecutor would issue opinions with the Ministry of Public Security last year to jointly set up investigative supervision and collaboration and cooperation office, showing that the judicial organs are resolutely drawing economic disputes and economic disputes and economic disputes and economic disputes and economic disputes. A distinctive attitude on the limit of crime.

  Under the environment of in -depth public entrepreneurship and innovation in my country, deal with economic disputes carefully and apply punishment measures, we must improve the mechanism of administrative law enforcement and criminal judicial connection, implement the mechanism of investigation, supervision and collaboration, avoid intervention in economic disputes with criminal means, and further reduce the market for the market. The concerns of the subject have allowed entrepreneurs to start a business with peace of mind, create more wealth for society, stimulate greater vitality, and make greater contributions to economic and social development.

It is not easy for entrepreneurship. The majority of market entities should also strengthen the awareness of the law of observance of the law of chemical law, and implement the foundation of stable and far -reaching through legally operating.

          (Reporter Chen Yan, Ziqiang) Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 10th. Editor in charge: Zhang Meixia.