Guang’an Vocational and Technical College: "Streaming and Mixed Reform" deepen the integration of production and education

Original title: "Layout Mixed Reform" Deepen the integration of production and education Recently, the reporter walked into a modern "office" in Guang’an City, Sichuan Province. There are many six -sided tables in the room with computers on it. Some young people are operating computers, and some are discussing issues.

  It turned out that this was a professional classroom of the Anime Production Technology of Guang’an Vocational and Technical College. The school’s innovative talent training model, with the in -depth integration of production enterprises through mixing ownership reforms, builds the training classroom into a "office", naturally integrates the learning space and work space. Students "work" while studying, and experience the real workplace atmosphere in advance.

  In recent years, Guang’an Vocational and Technical College has continuously deepened reforms, must develop reform to reform, deepen the integration of production and education, and step out a new path for school -enterprise cooperation based on mixed -ownership platforms. Facing the problem of vocational education, "my country has built the world’s largest vocational education system, but many vocational colleges are facing problems with talent training and docking, insufficient practical ability of students, and not high enthusiasm for participation in enterprises." Guang’an Vocational College Party Committee Party Committee Deputy Secretary and President Wang Yiquan said that the Guang’an Vocational College, as a local higher vocational college, faces more obvious challenges. In 2014, the State Council issued the "Decision on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education", which clearly stated that exploring the development of major vocational colleges of joint stock systems and mixed ownership, allowing to participate in schools with various elements such as capital, knowledge, technology, and management and enjoying corresponding rights. The introduction of "mixed ownership" into the vocational education community has pointed out a new direction for the reform and development of higher vocational colleges.

Guang’an Vocational College explores the implementation of "mixed reforms" at the level of training bases and secondary colleges, continuously innovating the school -running mechanism system, and effectively stimulated the vitality of running school. The implementation of the system design reform plan of the Guang’an Vocational College, formulated the "Opinions on the Implementation of the Pilot of Mixed -ownership Reform", and set up a second level in accordance with the principles of "dual -element subjects, equality and voluntary, complementary advantages, confidence in interests, clear power and responsibilities, and win -win cooperation". The college, specialty majors, and training bases are mixed with a platform for educating people to promote the formation of community of school -enterprise cooperation. Asset -associatedly formed a school -enterprise community. "4 years ago, our medical school was 1200, and now it is 5,200." Luo Gang, Dean of the Medical College of Guang’an Vocational College, said that at present, the medical school has successfully approved the national control clinical medicine major. The "1+X" certificate pilot project such as the mother and baby care of the child care child care is also established. In 2018, the school signed an agreement with the Sichuan Huatai Construction Group to build a mixed -ownership secondary college -medical school to clarify the three core elements of the school -enterprise’s running, asset occupied and income distribution. Asset investment, the school provides teachers and school qualifications. All asset enterprises formed account for 75%of the shares, and the school accounts for 25%of the shares.

  "We have studied the characteristics of the two school -enterprise cooperation models of non -asset -free loosening and asset -associated types. All the production of mixed production is an important way to promote the deep integration of production and education and close cooperation between schools and enterprises. The concept of the construction of a symbiotic ‘school -enterprise cooperation education platform: At the three levels of the secondary college, the professional, and training base, build the "dual -element resonance, the coexistence and win -win" mixed educational platform to form the community of school -enterprise in -depth cooperation community Essence

"Wang Yiquan said. Jiang Dayuan, a researcher at the Institute of Vocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry of Education, believes that this" layered symbiosis "educating platform construction concept and practice are rare domestic occupations from theoretical guidance to system design to layered implementation. Major reforms and innovation can effectively improve the ability of school -enterprise cooperation and education and technical and technical talents.

  Beginning from the sophomore in the sophomore and the employment of educating people and employers, Long Yanqin, a student of advertising design and production in 2018, learned around the project.

In her courses, a large number of business projects and skill competitions provided by a large number of enterprises were introduced to ensure that the teaching process was effectively connected with the needs of the enterprise. Project -based curriculum system quickly improves students’ professional skills and professional literacy. In his junior year, Long Yanqin was already "see" three companies.

  The school has established a two -way incentive mechanism for school -enterprise talents. The school selected teachers to the enterprise for a long time. During this time, the benefits of various allowances in the school remained unchanged, and the post -work exercise experience was used as an important reference basis for promotion and evaluation of the job title. Enterprises arranged outstanding technical personnel to work part -time in the college, and the teachers of the lesson all issued lessons at the standard of 100%higher than the subsidy of similar positions in the school. Through the stratification, the school and enterprises have in -depth implementation of teaching and industry, teachers and teachers, courses and positions, learning and production, moral education and skills, etc., and realize the seamless connection between education and employment.

Data show that in the past three years, students from Guang’an Vocational College have won 293 college skills competition awards of college students in higher vocational colleges across the country and provinces. Essence

  "In the next step, we will continue to explore in -depth. While continuously improving the quality of school education, we will better ensure the economic income of enterprises and further improve the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in reform and school running." Wang Yiquan said.

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