Today’s Thunder Team has inherited the soul of the troops on the other side of the sky,Fighting bravely,The friendship between the comrades-in-arms is deep,Well versed in military common sense, etc.,These things will remain the patron saint of the human race forever。

After arranging all this,Lei Tianzi quietly led people back to the void when they came,Sacrifice through the gate,When a glorious portal appears,He flew over the portal under the pull of Fanghua and Man Man,Fanghua turned around and stared at Chendi deeply,Raised his hand and destroyed the portal。
Lei Tianzi standing in a dark space,I took a deep breath in my nose,Surprised:“It’s this breath,Here must be the starry sky,I am familiar with this taste。”
“Is this the starry sky?”Fanghua asked to herself,Then he said:“Not very good,It may not be good in Chendi,What’s that little highlight?”
“It’s called the stars,My love little star,Blink and blink,Like the eyes of a lover,Think of little star,Lover’s tenderness is like water……”Lei Tianzi is happy,Sing softly,Only Man Man can match his rhythm,Keep flapping palms,Cute。
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Chapter 276 Back to the stars
grown ups……Lord Thor King……”There was a shout from a distance,When Lei Tianzi was surprised,A jade slip flew in front of him。
The sound of shouting came from a speaker fixed here,The jade slips were sent by Mrs. Dong Chan’er,original,During the hundred years of Lei Tianzi’s journey,Dong Chan’er and others always stay in the starry sky,They are monitoring from a distance of 5 billion kilometers,The sergeant who was monitored as soon as Lei Tianzi and others appeared。
One day later,Dong Chan’er and others flew in Star Castle,The high-levels of Team Thunder are here,Hug Lei Tianzi one by one,The meeting ceremony went on for more than half a day,Lei Tianzi introduced Fanghua and Hu Di to Dong Chaner、Man Man、Lady Lei and others,Then, through the method of divine consciousness transmission, he reported the situation in Chendi to Dong Chan’er.。
Dong Chan’er learned that Fanghua turned out to be a cultivator in the realm of gods,Very shocked,This is also the highest cultivation level cultivator she has ever seen,It is said that the immortal realm has a life span of 20,000 years,Can live a long time,I have unlimited respect for Fanghua in my heart。
Since Lei Tianzi is back to the stars,Moreover, the creatures of the demon domain in Chendi will not come out to invade the human race for the time being,They continue to walk down the same way。
Fanghua takes the habit of Chendi:A tall and thin hat。Looks very weird,But no one dared to laugh at her。
Fanghua was quite disappointed because he didn’t look at the hat on the starry sky,She tried to change other people’s minds,Implement“Hatism”,But everyone resists this idea,Only the maid beside Fanghua wears a hat,People who want to laugh and dare not act face to face,Whispering behind,Anyway, I only have awe for this Fanghua,But not enough respect。
Team Thunder is a place that advocates heroic plot,Even if it’s the founder Lei Tianzi,Take the lead in almost every war,Only a few times are certain of victory,I didn’t personally go to the front,But command from the rear。
The difference from Fanghua is,Man Man is very popular with sergeants,In one year, she traveled to the Thunder Team’s over 40 billion members.,Among them, tens of millions of officers and soldiers can name them,Know their strengths and strengths and their personal characteristics,at this point,Even Emperor Lei is ashamed。
no doubt,Man Man worked hard at the same time,Also won the military,The applause supporting her can be heard everywhere。