“Won’t cause trouble to this point,It’s normal for young people,Just one fight is over。”Wu Changan accompanied the smiling face,“Yifan doesn’t have this brain,Where can I think of so much,You calm down,I have trained him just now,He also knew he was wrong,Go back and apologize to Ning Tao。”

Ning Xichen shook his head,Calm down:“Lao Wu,We all know what kind of personality,You don’t have to say good things for him。When he left Yunji Island, I said he was too wild,Not suitable for college,But you insist that going to college is for his good,Actually I can understand,This is Professor Gan’s wish,I don’t say anything。
But now you see,Disagreement, stab someone with a knife。Say something to your heart,Fortunately, the person he hurt this time was my brother,Change to anyone else,It’s strange if they don’t tell him。You have to be good for him,Ask him to get rid of the problem of carrying a knife as soon as possible,Otherwise, sooner or later you have to visit him in prison。”
Old Wu smiled bitterly,Did he never persuade Gan Yifan,But Gan Yifan didn’t listen to him,He can’t help it。
“Old Wu,Don’t look sad,He will mature one day。This one beforehand,Turn around, persuade him,I have something to do with my company,Go ahead。”
Watch the Zhonghua car merge into the traffic flow,Wu Changan also drove out of the parking lot,Did not go far,Turned a corner and parked in the hospital parking lot。
When I got back Gan Yifan’s backpack yesterday,Threatening,Ask Tong Xu to call him today to make things clear,But Tong Xu didn’t call him。And Mr. Tong called him in the morning,Call him home,Ask him what he was looking for last night。
In front of the old head,What can he say?I can only say that I knew that the old chief was recuperating in Ganning,I didn’t pay attention to the time when I was excited,I called in the middle of the night。
From the old chief’s house,With his old detective’s intuition,I feel a pair of eyes looking at him behind me,He turned around,I saw a fat figure flashing across the window on the second floor,You don’t need to guess who this person is。
At this time,He really realized that Tong Xu, a young man, is not easy to deal with。
Recall last night,Tong Xu didn’t even excuse,Hand it over to him neatly,In fact, it has shown that Tong Xu is decisive,Quite scheming。And he was eager to settle down for Gan Yifan to get his backpack back,I didn’t even think about Tong Xu’s move and deeper intentions,That’s the removal of the stolen goods。
The backpack is always in the suitcase,And Tong Xu did not appear in the surveillance screen with a backpack from beginning to end,The hotel is like this,Give the suitcase to Wu Changan。
Wu Changan is no longer a detective,He has no law enforcement power at all,From the legal perspective,Instead, he can’t tell。
And Tong Xu can completely deny。
Think carefully and fear,This young man is too simple!
But Wu Changan is a retired old criminal policeman,Not at all prepared。
He called his old comrade Liu Qi。