“My aunt and cousin moved to Lin’an Community,I can’t practice at home,School classmates are crazy,Stay up late fishing one by one,I can’t find a clean place by the lake,I can’t practice,You don’t even know,I can’t practice Lihuo technique this week……”

See the face of the monster,Gan Yifan started talking,“I don’t know how long this day will take,Uncle Wu said the country will let go of monitoring the spread of mutant beasts,By then everyone knows that mutant beasts are actually very dangerous,Will become cautious,I don’t know when I will completely let go。You said this situation,Should I rent a villa first?”
The monster didn’t say a word,It knows that Gan Yifan talks a lot only when he is upset,I didn’t really ask him。
really,Gan Yifan paused and continued:“Auntie’s attitude towards me has changed,And cousin Xiaowen,She is sticky to me,Really want to move,I can’t bear it,Don’t move,I have nowhere to practice,Particularly contradictory。”
“The other is Uncle Wu,I know he is really good for me,But I feel uncomfortable,Actually, I’m not bothering him,Just don’t want others to control me,Tell me this won’t work,That doesn’t work……Bug,You said my personality is too weird,Or I shouldn’t have left Yunji Island?”
Monster with nostrils upturned,Gan Yifan laughed,Move its head down and say:“I know what you mean,You didn’t want me to leave at the beginning,But since it has come out,Always keep going。Grandpa said he chose to pass,Uncle Wu also said something similar,I also said that I chose the path on the Internet,Kneeling to finish,Then keep going……”
“All right,No one can nag me,I can only nag you a few words,I feel more comfortable after talking。Let me tell you something business,Backpack stolen,In Tong Xu’s hands for a while,Although nothing was lost,But what if he takes the bamboo slips??”
Volume Two:Admission First73chapter:Difficult to practice,So cultivate the mind
The monster looks like thinking,After a while, he simply lifted his front paw and wiped his neck。
Gan Yifan said depressed:“federal Society,How can you kill casually,I told you I just wanted to ask if Tong Xu took a photo?”
The monster shook his head,Gan Yifan knows what it means,But don’t know。
“You really don’t know?”He feels skeptical。
The monster does not say a word,He grabbed the monster’s front paw and placed it between his brows:“Like last time,You point my eyebrows。”
The monster knocked him on the head,唰唰唰 write a few words on the ground——I am not a god。
“You are the dragon king。”Gan Yifan said with a smile。
The monster picked him up and threw him in the air,Took him back to the ground,Gan Yifan is still smiling,Also added a sentence:“The ugliest dragon king。”