“Daoshengyi,Life two,Two birth three,Three Lives。”

“You see everything?”
“Do not,I just saw three thousand at a glance!”
Chapter Thirty One Daogongshan Gate:Open your eyes for the ninth time
Under the bright moonlight。
The eight red-haired foxes played cheerful music with trumpets。
And behind the eight foxes,Follow the leader this time‘Mr. Big’,and also‘Golden Boy and Girl’Little White Fox and Thirteen Little Treasures。
then,Is wearing a big red robe,The bitter-looking fourth brother。
“Too bully fox,Why should i join,Don’t let me sit in the sedan chair?“Fourth brother is sulking,But there is no other way。
after all,Although he looks handsome,But the fur color is not conspicuous in the fox family,It’s a yellow-haired fox,and so,Unanimously recognized by the clan as impure bloodline。
but,Yellow hair is good……
such as:Yellow round circle on Huangpi Ridge,Hair is yellow,Although Huang Yuanyuan is a little rounder,But on this Shuangqiu Mountain, there is also a master who occupies the mountain as the king。
and,I heard that Huang Yuanyuan recently made a windfall,Holding a lot of silver in his hand,In order to bring the two relations closer,Hu Jia took the initiative‘Get married’。
Huang Yuanyuan is naturally very satisfied after seeing the fourth brother,And the fourth brother is not a too picky fox,He has no status in Hu’s family anyway,If you can marry the Huang family,,It’s okay to eat spicy food,after all,Eat soft rice,You have to have the professional ethics of eating soft food。