right now,It’s his turn, Yan Ruyu……

Does he want to die?
Definitely don’t want to die!
He worked hard for five years,Seeing to be Juren,Open up the Palace of Literature,Step into eight products,Then embark on a new life,It’s weird he wants to die。
“I don’t have‘Death’,even if‘Live to death’Can really break the game,I can’t break it。”Yan Ruyu shook his head,One can’t do it in absolute sense‘Break the Axe’,This way of life to death,It’s just empty talk。
and,The main thing is,I don’t know if this method is useful,In case you fight hard,result,Oh Huo……Really dead。
That’s the beeping husky!
(A book friend said‘difficult’After the increase,Breaking the game must be convincing,I am confident that I did it,Now the method to break the game has been given a hint,You can open your mind,How to have no death will,Live to death?and,I must satisfy the old man?)
Chapter Fourteen I would do for you,One thought becomes a devil
In a dispute,Buddhism temples rise from the ground,More and more people are beginning to believe that Buddhism is the place to save the common people。
People start not producing,Daily chanting to the Buddha,I hope as the Buddha said,As long as it belongs to Buddhism,One day you can escape from the sea of suffering,Rebirth Bliss。
Yan Ruyu and Daozong disciples desperately explained,But it’s a fact that evil spirits fear Buddhism,No one wants to believe them,More and more people belong to Buddhism。
at last,one day,People rushed to the mountain,And in the temple at this time,Only some disciples of Dao Zong who are fighting against evil spirits,Including the seriously injured junior sister。
“Knock down this Taoist stone statue,Arhat converted into Buddhism!”