open the door,Xiaohang。

“We are playing cards next door,let’s play together。”Xiaohang said enthusiastically,“Chen Li is here。”
Yao Yun wants to sleep,I am bored by myself,Then agreed。
Come next door,Xiaohang said to fight to upgrade,Lost to the face sticker。
Play this game,I’m a master。
In college,He Niu Jianfeng and a few of them,Often play this at night。
Although it’s been too long,But the craftsmanship hasn’t been put down。
Xiaohang said,He and Chen Li are in a group,Me and Hongyan are a group。
This surprised me,Hongyan didn’t even object。
Few hours down,Me and Hongyan’s face,Took up two notes。
But Chen Li and Xiaohang are miserable。Note with face,Almost covered their eyes。
Play again,No meaning。
Look at the time,It’s twelve o’clock,I said,“Everyone go to bed early。”
I drop my poker,Look at Chen Li,She also stood up。
After we two went out,She walked to the elevator,Just dropped in with me。
Maybe it’s because we are familiar with each other,I hesitated and asked,“You are depressed,Is there something bothering you??”
Chen Li smiled miserably,“I am divorced,Just divorced a few days ago,Come out and change your mood。”
So that’s it。