How to do?

I’m quite worried。
“Tell evidence in everything,Second child,You can’t listen to other people’s side words。”The man sitting next to the old lady said。
He is Old Wu’s eldest brother,Called Wu Dalong,Is now the chairman of Dilong International,The helm of the Wu family。
“That’s right,Second brother,Xiufang has left our house for so many years,Didn’t you get married??”A middle-aged man in his forties,Weight loss,Wandering eyes,Said contemptuously,“Could it be for your wealth??”
He is Wu Daming, Wu’s fifth brother,Also the entire maple city,Famous playboy。
“You nonsense!”Zhou Rui scolded immediately。
Her temper,That’s it,Ignite。
“what are you,Dare to yell at my fifth uncle here!”A person of the same age as Wu Daming scolded。
“Wu Mo,Is it in front of you,I don’t even have the right to speak?”Old Wu looked cold,Said coldly。
“That was not what I meant。”Wu Mo quickly explained,“Wushu,It’s been so many years,Always find true evidence,Can you recognize me,Can’t listen to others。”
“People who want to cling to our Wu family,That’s too much。”
“Uncle’s Xiaohan,I also found a supermodel last year,result,Talked about two months of love with someone,I was cheated by tens of millions,So the heart of defense is indispensable。”