If you don’t even have this basic information,Then I guess half a month is enough to be able to come back。

“Have。”Yao Yun nodded。She looked at me in surprise,Seems to say more,Why did I enter the role so quickly。
“that,What does the boss like,Where do you often appear,Does he have a lover,What brand of clothes do you usually wear,Do you know all this??”I asked again。
Yao Yun shook his head directly。“I only know,Their husband and wife are at odds。”
“why?”I asked。
Yao Yun shook his head again,Said nothing。
Tell the truth,The fundamental reason why they don’t get the money back is,The people asking for money didn’t do the meticulous work at all。
In other words more accurately,I think,Huajin Dafa Company did not intend to get the money back。
Think about it this way,Is that Yao Yun’s opponent?,I want to take advantage of this opportunity of the Long Yun union owing money,Get Yao Yun down?
If this is the case,I want to get back this account,It’s just too difficult。
See my face is ugly,Yao Yun asked in surprise,“what happened to you?”
I shook my head slowly。
“nothing。”I smiled at her。
The high-speed rail crosses the endless plain,Then got into the mountains,At last,Finally stopped in a city full of tall buildings。
After we got off the bus,To the bustling station square。
“President Yao,What shall we do next?”I asked。