“Hello everyone,My name is Mr. Lei,From the distant starry sky,Without any malice,Is this your airspace??I didn’t see any reminder signs。”Lei Tianzi smiled,Long body jade,Did not bring any weapons,Behind them stood more than a hundred thousand soldiers of the Thunder Team。

Compared with Team Thunder,The masters of the Yaozu have no military image at all,They didn’t show up in formation at all,Mainly red-haired man standing in a mess in the stars。
Both sides have advantages,Yaozu wins at a high level of cultivation,Are all immortal cultivators,Only a few people in Team Thunder have reached the infantile period,Most of them are in the lock period,Lei Tianzi and a few others are still solid foundation。
“My name is hornbird,Is a cultivator of the tiger clan,Hello。”The red-haired man did not dare to attack,First encounter,He is not sure of winning。
“What is the name of this star field?”Lei Tianzi asked。
“Yingyu。”The Sparrow paused,Said:“The planet your humans occupy is 5.8 billion kilometers away from here,Go in this direction,Will arrive soon。”
In Lei Tianzi’s heart,Don’t think humans are safer than monsters,No matter what kind of creature it is,Just look at the level of cultivation level,The weak are doomed to humiliation,He smiled:“I don’t know what Lord Sparrow needs?Ling Pill、Dharma、Aircraft、Formation、Exercises etc.,I have some in my hand,Willing to exchange resources,Using Xianjing as currency,Borrowers of all kinds of heaven and earth will not refuse。”
There is no sound from the horn,He is discussing how to deal with this group of humans from the distant star field。
Lei Tianzi and others are not in a hurry,They have passed the message back,Just a few hours,Can gather all the people,It is also possible to sweep the base camp of the Yaozu,Unless the opponent has a strong person higher than the infant period。
Emperor Lei said to Jiang Yuehan:“You watch each other carefully,See nothing?After so long of persuasion work,Still no news,It shows that this person is not the first person to control the monster clan,May be a strongman,There must be a strong presence on the horn,The people brought by the horn are not from the same organization,At least a direct line、The division of factions,The horn can’t completely control these people’s thoughts。”
Jiang Yuehan secretly admires,Even without speaking,So many details can be discovered through observation alone,It is also a manifestation of Lei Tianzi’s success,She didn’t think so much before。
Intelligence gathering does not rely solely on purchase,Guessing is also analyzed based on the data obtained,Long Wei, who was eager to try, asked:“grown ups,Once offensive,What method do we use as the main attack?”
“It is best to attack,The cultivators of the demon clan are not good at attacking spirits,No matter what kind of demon cultivator。”Emperor Lei doesn’t know what attributes the Tiger Clan is,Generally speaking,Fire attribute is afraid of water attribute attack,Wood attributes are afraid of fire attributes,The five elements are endless,Reinforce each other。
Only Lei Tianzi and Liu Xiaona are good at divine consciousness attacks,In the melee,It’s enough for one person to launch a spiritual attack,Can also determine the outcome of a war。
The process of exchanging resources between two completely unfamiliar powers is very troublesome,Need to explain the performance of own resources、Pricing、Determine the unit of quantity, etc.,For example, a mineral called semprine,Tianzi Lei has never heard of his name,The bird needs a detailed explanation of semprine,Including the role and characteristics of this thing,As for the quantity, volume and weight are used as trading units。
How many celestial crystals does a superb magical item sell on Yingyu?,How many fairy crystals are willing to use for trading on Lei Tianzi,Need to negotiate,You don’t want to buy anything you want with 10,000 fairy crystals。
As for spells、The exercises are more exquisite,At least distinguish between true and false,Is the exercise practical?,Are there any future problems?,These details need to be verified。