Equidistant slightly closer,Tianzi Lei saw the immortal cultivator in the strange team with white eyes,Pupils are black,But the eyelids and eye circles are white,Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but think of a kind of monkey on earth。

According to the opponent’s speed and route, Lei Tianzi judges,About eleven more hours,The two teams will meet in the stars,And the number of Monster Cultivators is at least twice that of Thunder Team。
Lei Tianzi was in deep thought for a long time,Decided to take a risk and try a new attack method,He confided the plan to the mountain patrol officers around him,Then patrol the mountain as the basic unit to arrange combat missions。
One billion army is 10,000 grassroots organizations at the patrol level,There are exactly 10,000 star ships in their hands,Then set the coordinates in advance,Use the starship to cross to the right wing of the Yaozu,Use different data to avoid collisions when setting coordinates,Setting a small distance may cause some small accidents when crossing,Such as too far away from the enemy,No surprise effect。
Lei Tianzi also considered this,As long as half of the one billion army falls by the side of the monster cultivator,This time the sergeant operation is a success,The only thing to consider is,There may be strong people accompanying the Yaozu,He is the main force,Is the only suitable candidate to assassinate the strong enemy,Need comrades to help find the strong monster,Strive to kill the strong monsters in the first time,Will not cause too much damage to Team Thunder。
Considering that this battle will be very dangerous,Emperor Lei asked Xu Na to stay,Remote control in place,He led the main force to launch a surprise attack,Xu Na didn’t want to stay,But Lei Tianzi said:“Any army must be defeated before it wins,You can gather some of the troops on the left and right wings to prepare in advance,On the battlefield anytime, anywhere,This is the territory of the Yaozu,They have a geographical advantage over us。”
“OK then,You must be careful,I love you——”Xu Na couldn’t help but kissed her husband on the cheek,Lei Tianzi smiled:“This kind of etiquette is popular on earth。”
“I learned by looking at the images in the computer。”
Kissed my wife goodbye,Lei Tianzi commanded the troops to board the starship together,Xu Na sends a message to Zhai Jun and Baoling,Request strategic support。
Lei Tianzi started the starship for a short crossing,The starship flew away as soon as it stopped,Too many people concentrated in the star ship is very dangerous,Few cultivators fight in this way,The monster cultivator was still in a daze when the starship appeared,They thought they met a cultivator who passed by accidentally,Still waiting for the people inside to come out,See if it’s from the Yaozu,If it is the same kind, it will be attacked,But can save his life,If it’s a human being, it will be killed on the spot。
Yuan Wenshu is a direct descendant of the Yuanxing clan,It only took ninety years from cultivation to the infant period,It’s also a top genius in Yaozu,Equivalent to the fairy body in the human race,Belong to the same level as Lei Zhen,Although it’s the initial stage of infancy,,But this time Yuan Wenshu was also selected for the expedition,The elders did not dislike his lower realm,Still gave Yuan Wenwen a chance to exercise。
The energetic Yuan Wenshu mingled among the monster army,He was the first to spot a starship landing,Then I saw a handsome man walking down,The man just glanced lightly,Yuan Wenxue suddenly fell into the ice cellar,Even if this man was recognized by Yuan Wenxue as belonging to the human race at a glance,He is still terribly scared。
Yuan Wenshu turned around and ran,He didn’t know,It was precisely this action that left Yuan Wenwen with his life,Due to timidity,Lei Tianzi didn’t kill Yuan Wenwen immediately。
It was Lei Tianzi who walked off the starship,He has good luck,It’s only about one kilometer away from the army of the Apes,After that, the troops of the Divine Armored Heroes who came out of the starship slew towards the densely packed monster army.。