“No need to fight。”Xuanyuan Dandan said。

“Humph!”Emperor Lei stopped comforting her,But he looked at the Dongfang family with a critical eye,This is targeted,Anyway, it’s not pleasing to the eye everywhere。
Xuanyuan Dandan flew from the left under the leadership of two female fairies from the Dongfang family,Their location is a city,Soon after walking down the street to the door of a shop,Tianzi Lei clearly saw the four gilded characters above the lintel of the firm“Tongda Commercial Bank”。
A few people filed in,There is a lot of space inside,Coming to a teleportation formation guarded by immortal cultivators,Dongfang Mingyu and Xuanyuan Dandan each took out a jade plaque engraved with a demon clan pattern for inspection by the cultivator guarding the teleportation array,After the cultivator checked,Bowed and said:“It turned out to be the two fairies of the Xuanyuan family and the Dongfang family,The villain is responsible,excuse me,If the two fairies have no other orders,Then please。”
Xuanyuan Dandan nodded slightly,Dongfang Zhuer next to me is a little impatient,Scolded:“Wordy,Let’s go。”
Lei Tianzi bowed his hands to the immortal cultivator and said:“Have work。”
“Adults please。”That immortal cultivator turned out to be a strong man in the gods,Very polite to Lei Tianzi,Turn a blind eye to Dongfang Zhuer’s bad words。
Lei Tianzi and others came directly to a hall in the starry sky from the teleportation array,This hall is blessed by magic,Built in the starry sky without gravity,Very vast,At a glance,Over a hundred miles,Ten thousand feet high,Absolutely domineering。
“Nice here。”Lei Tianzi took Xuanyuan Dandan’s arm and said。
Xuanyuan Dandan smiled slightly,Said:“This is the territory of the Yaozu,are you scared?”
“It seems that the monster race also has capable people。”Emperor Lei didn’t answer directly,But sighed,He is not afraid of the strong,And he has always been compassionate towards Yaozu,Absolutely don’t owe the Yaozu anything。
Xuanyuan Dandan said:“Inside your wife,There is more than one cultivator of the demon race。”
“They have a deep and righteous relationship with me,Not an ordinary monster,And Yaozu cannot represent them,They do not represent the monster race。”Lei Tianzi is very principled,As long as it’s his people,Regardless of race,Are covered by the Lei family,No one can persecute Lei’s people and affiliated races by racial distinction,This is also Lei’s house rule,Was written into the genealogy of Lei’s family,The descendants of the Lei family who violate this rule will be evicted from the house,As the founder of Lei Family,Tianzi Lei’s attitude is very clear。
Xuanyuan Dandan has prejudice against the monster race,Open nose,Snorted softly,But didn’t oppose Lei Tianzi’s words,Just express dissatisfaction。
There are a lot of immortal cultivators in this hall,Get together in twos and threes,Can’t hear the voice,But it doesn’t prevent those people from communicating through voice transmission。
A burly monster cultivator stood in the air and said:“Dear guests,This auction held by the Winged Bear Clan of the Monster Race is to facilitate the exchanges between the Monster Race and the Human Race,I hope that fellow daoists can abide by the rules of the auction,No private fighting,Nor can you speak harsh words to other buyers,if not,We drove out those who like to make trouble,Let them float in the endless starry sky,Never go home。”
What the monster clan powerhouse said is not alarmist,Everyone came through the teleportation array,I want to go home where I don’t know the direction,After leaving the teleportation array, I really don’t know where to return.。
Lei Tianzi nodded secretly:“It seems that Yaozu is also prepared to choose the auction in the starry sky.,Most immortal cultivators don’t dare to grab treasures here。”