But now,Can be so close to Shen Xuan shot。

This is for the old man,It is really good。
And Shen Xuan,I didn’t think so much.,Punching the silver needle directly,Start in front of the blue sky in front of you。
Shen Xuan’s speed is very fast,All actions,All is all。
“神 神 针?”
The old man heard this skill,but now,Still。
so now,For Shen Xuan’s ability,It is a new understanding.。
And those people around,It’s also scared, I dare not talk.。
What is the rhythm of this?,They don’t understand。
Just suddenly feel,It seems that they have this header,It seems very powerful。
Anyway, I don’t know anyway.,Standing on the side, just look。
If you don’t want to be too cold,,Stand on the side directly,Shout666Just。
These,There is no good place to do it.。
As for Shen Xuan,After the needle,Shen Xuan found,Orders of themselves,Have a group of green things penetrated。
Shen Xuan knows,This is toxin。
Other person,I have already seen it.。
now,Shen Xuan said here。
“A needle represents a poisonous insect。”
Everyone has begun to count.,Every one,In their hearts,More than a happy look。
After all, the toxins of the blue sky tyrants are released.,Strength increase,For them,In fact, it is also very happy to see.。
But countless,All of them,I’m all stunned。
Because these people have found,Only ninety-nine needles。
what happened,Why,Almost a needle?
at this time,Others have seen Shen Xuan,The face is full of doubts and intiminesses。
This situation,Could it be that,Shen Xuan also wishes no hand??
Chapter 112 recovered,Stariness
“Leader,How is this going?”
Huang Yue,Very urgent,Look at Shen Xuan。
And the yellow harvest is true:“Shen Xuan,If it can be treated,Step by step.。”
“Still stay,What is going on??”
Looking at these two,How much helplessness in Shenxuan’s heart。
Talk to these two,Really cost。
despite this,But Shen Xuan,Still to explain with the two。
“His poison,It is from hundreds of povle。”
“Although I have a way to cure,But wanting his body without hidden dangers,get well,Stariness!”
Shen Xuan finished,Everyone suddenly realized。
No wonder,It turned out to be like this。