NS193chapter Press the snake

“court death!”Sindfi Emperor’s face,His figure gave up,A punch,His fist presents golden。
With the power of fierce overbearing。
“Humph!”Lin Feng snorted,Palp。
The golden palm print is like steel casting.,With the power of magnificent power。
A spare sound,Scary strength wind wave swept around,The two of the two have fallen。
“Gamble,Compensate me10Billion dollars,The things here are clear。”Schindfa Emperor’s face,He didn’t have a hand,But directly lion is open。
“Compensation you are10Billion dollars?You joke.。”Lin Feng looked coldly at Schundefi Road:“I also know that your evil Buddha will have a thirteen martial arts.,There is also a half-dead old man,You want to shoot me.,Despite relying on horse。”
“Gamble,Do you really want to die??I don’t believe you can’t walk from Malaysia.!”Schindfa Emperor,But I can’t think that Lin Feng is so clear about their evil Buddha.。
“I want me to die,You have to have this ability,My brother owes your gambling debt.,Why is it to go to Money??”Lin Feng carries the cold and cold road:“You want to know this matter,I still don’t want to know.。”
“Gamble,you wanna die!”Sindfi Emperor’s face:“I advise you to take10Billion dollars,Do not,Now changed now20Billion dollars,A time after a time,Thirteen president gathered,You don’t have any chance,You now go to the airport now,Airport is also blocked。”
Sind Emperor’s tone is deeply threatened,He is cold and staring at Lin Feng,And then took out the phone,It seems that I want to notify people。
“People who are dead are you,Since you come, leave it.。”Lin Feng has a terrible breath,His figure is on。
A palm of the heart of Schindefi。
Shot such as Thunder,Jealous。
“you wanna die!”
Schindfa Emperor,His figure greeted,The two strong people directly launched a fierce confrontation,Scary breath sweeping around。
The two strong people under the Sind Emperor have retired。
But when these two people have retired from a few steps,A terrible power is like a mountain flood outfit,Directly sweeping the waist of the two strong people,Two big half-step martial arts workers want to dodge this Thunder,But it is not coming at all。
A iron column that is like gold casting is in the body of the two people.,Fly out of the figure of the two people,Heavy fell into the living room,The two screamed,Fall on the ground,Crushing the coffee table,Two people blood,Face-faced dark in black。
“clank!”Dongxing’s figure came up,He holds a machete,Directly cut the head of these two people,The two of the two people were cleared by Dongxing.,Head flying in the void,And behind the ground。
“Mix!”The voice of the Sind Emperor’s roaring with Lin Feng fierce,He punches Lin Feng,Body killing,Directly kill Dongxing。
The horrible killing broke out from the Sind Emperor’s body.,Sind Emperor is intertwined together,Concentrate into a huge boxing,The power of terror is from the fist,Directly to Dongxing’s head,The power of this punch is extremely horrible。
Dongxing is not coming to resist。
Seeing that Dongxing was hit by this boxing,A golden iron column comes,With an incomparable power,The heavy hit is on this fist.,This fist is bombarded。
Then continue to sweep the figure to the Sind Emperor。
“not good!”Schindfa Emperor’s Face,He felked out to kill a golden iron column。
Huge explosive force out,Schinde Emperor’s punch flew out this golden iron column,But he is also crushing by the pound of power.。