Just when Li Hui said the other party.,The big snake seems to be very vigilant.。

Directly open your eyes,Black believers are also vomiting。
Soon it is also the rock climbing along the mountain stone.。
“Lee brother,how?
What is the result??”
“Have,Come with me!”
Li Hui also knows that black and not recognize him.,Just feel that the speed of the other party is really too fast.。
Although he knows more than a big snake in this mountain,But I didn’t expect to have so many cultivation.。
That one with Jiang Shuyan in the mysterious hole in the mountain,Now yet another article。
These make Li Xiangfeng feels a little beyond his imagination.。
Two people came to the mountain,Zhang Qiling was scared in an instant。
Rapid hide。
I saw a black giant python.,It seems waiting for every person。
“Big black,do you still remember me?”
Li Hui Feng, this light call,Let the giant go directly to him.。
Then I turned around him.,Then I took it again in Li Hui’s side.。
Side next to the big snake,Li Hui Feng can feel that the air around the wind is fine.,But he also feels that this big snake is completely supplemented with your own vitality.。
This kind of thing Li speaks naturally, it doesn’t want it to happen.。
“Big black,You stop first,You will be harmful to many innocently,How is our discuss??”
“If you agree,You just have some heads,If you don’t agree,You just shake your head?”
Li Hui Hui put the movement of the head of the head in front of the big black。
The big black is also very soon.。
This makes Zhang Qiling who stands not far from afraid again and envy.。
Why didn’t he think that Li Hui Feng actually is also proficient in analog。
This is much better than him.。
“Big black,I will repair the big array here.,After you practice this,At the same time, you must guard the people or human raising things here.,But the big team also needs you to guard,How about it?”
“That eye, you have to guard,It may not be necessarily。”
This exit,The big black is nodding directly.。
Li Hui saw this scene,Laughing directly:“Row,Then come with me.!”
Soon Li, Li, is also found in this mountain’s original alpha.,At the same time, the big black directly goes to the most in the middle of the disk.。
When Li Anti-style puts this around all the small small pins around the surrounding wind,Li Hui Feng is also a long breath,Take a piece of spirit directly from the space。
This Lingshi is coming out,Big black is happy。
That Snake is constantly,The big mouth of the blood is swallowed directly.。
It’s good, Li Hui is stopped in time.。
Swallowing stone may be beneficial to the body,But the harm is the same,And it seems to be big.。
Because the impurities of Lingshi will not be easily discharged.。
“This spirit can give you,But can’t be swallowed,Can only be kept,As long as you put the Lingshi in the eye,Big star launched,You can practice,If you don’t put it,So the big array is suspended,do you understand?”
This time,The big black is nodded.。
It is also very unparalleled in Zhang Lingyu in the side.。