To ensure that the universe does not collapse,Reduce the pressure of the universe,Even he himself killed all immortal and above existences in the Purple Moon Holy Land。

but,Finally survived,The unknown existence that inexplicably destroyed the origin of the universe disappeared。
Even if his small universe is already extremely injured,But the strong have unlimited life,Countless cosmic reincarnation ages,Can always make up part of it。
“Not urgent,Go to deal with the world beast,First you have to break through the realm of true gods!”Li Ming looked at the Purple Moon Holy Land that was only 400 million light-years away,A satisfied smile on his face。
Notice,Although his genetic level,Divine body size is endless。But it still depends on the power of absorption。
More than ninety-nine percent of the universe that swallowed the Purple Moon Holy Land,
Notice,That’s a huge universe over 2 billion light years in diameter。
Although of energy‘quality’,It’s definitely not comparable to Li Ming’s one-million-fold genetic body。But the amount is very manageable。
Li Ming’s body is now10081Light-year high。
Yes,Yes10081Light years,This is a shocking number。
After all, even Li Ming’s World Tree clone,Luo Feng and the body of Jiuyouhai,That’s just a few light years,Barely reach ten light-years at most。Twelve light years,Is a limit set by the origin of the universe,Exceeding this limit will no longer be able to absorb a trace of energy from the origin of the universe。
Can grow to10081Light years,Relying on the origin of the universe that swallowed the Purple Moon Holy Land。
But Li Ming also understands,I will devour the origin of the universe,I’m afraid the increase that can be made is also limited,Because the taller the divine body,The more energy you need to absorb if you want to improve。
Even if Li Ming swallowed all the origins of the Purple Moon Holy Land universe,Swallow the origin of Dongdi universe,It is estimated that it will not exceed11000Light-year high。