A loud noise came from the Foge Chamber of Commerce,The people of the Foge Chamber of Commerce heard the signal from their own chamber of commerce and immediately forced their opponents back.,Then back。
Actually didn’t wait a few seconds,The other side also thinks of the signal of closing。
The brothers of the two forces are all separated。
Leo and the others slowly walked forward,And a few people walked out after a brief commotion。
Just a glance,Leo found that Boll,Not because boll is standingCBit,But because this monkey is so similar to the monkey in his impression。
An instant,Leo wants to laugh out loud,But as the boss,Such a serious occasion,Leo can only work hard。
and so,Leo’s face looks a little weird,Seems extremely nervous?
Seeing my boss behave like this,The cadres of several chambers of commerce walking behind are a little unnatural。
After all, for cadres,They are just a second-rate force,There is a big gap compared with the Boll Union。
This is the gap between the major general and the general。
then,Leo’s team is a bit noisy,Looks a little afraid of Boll’s strength and reputation。
“You are the boss of the Buddha Chamber of Commerce?”
Seeing Leo seems a little afraid of myself,Boll’s face is full of pride,Speaks very casually。
Leo is still patient。
Ball sees Leo still“tension”,Even trembling a little,So even more disdain:“You are so afraid of me?If that’s the case, let’s be my subordinate,Disband your chamber of commerce!”