Luo Qianjin nodded again。1t
Summer smile again,Reach the doorbell。1t
Very fast,A sound of the kac,Door opening。1t
When two people walk into the hospital,Two men and a female in the villa hall。1t
Middle-aged man face white,With a black frame glasses,It looks stinked,But it is self-reliant from beginning to end up.。1t
That is the gas field in the high place of the host.,Let people feel about his unusual。1t
And that ladies,Skin is white,Good maintenance,There is no wrinkle on your face,The key is her face,It seems like a girl in his twenties.。1t
6Xiao Su。1t
Woman is6Xiao Su。1t
And the man beside him,Naturally, Luo Family is now,Luo Tianfeng。1t
When two people walk out of the hospital,I have a welcome smile on my face.。1t
But in the moment of seeing Luo Qianjin,Their eyes will stay.。1t
Follow,6Xiao Su Eye,Bar,I don’t know if it is joy or excited.,Tears,Shaking mouth,But it is a word that can’t be said.。1t
This is also the same.,His originally majestic face,Exposes extremely complex expressions,Joy,Surprised,Jealousy,There is also a silky heart。1t
Although he didn’t see the golden people,But the photos often see,Moreover, Luo Qianjin,Almost and6Xiao Su is the same as a mold。1t
No need to say。1t
This is her daughter。1t
His mouth is slightly vibrating,Want to say something,But I don’t know how to open,Such a big man,At this moment, it is two eyes humid.,Tears is rotating。1t
Summer is also spotted in an instant,Luo Qianjin’s body is stretched straight,The next consciousness hides towards the summer。1t
This occasion,Summer natural will not let the cold field。1t
However, when he just said to speak,In the back villa hall, you also explored the brake out of a person.。1t
A teenage girl in Jozo。1t
Girls’ ancient spirits,Long eyelashes,A pair of Ukai’s big eyes romance……And that face,Completely the Turkey of Luo Qianjin。1t
After seeing Luo Qianjin,Girls suddenly showed a crisp exclaimer,And then ran over,“Sister,You finally came back.。”1t
Luo Qianjin’s face is equally revealed with a smile,Emotions have slowed down slightly。1t
Summary is a bit surprised。1t