This sentence is fried in the lungs of Luoqian Stone.,Don’t worry。

“What do you say??”His face,Face anger,“There is a kind of you talk more!”
“You see you。”Summer surprised,There is more exaggeration to have more expressions on the face.,“I want to listen to it a few times.,I can’t call it.。”
Do not wait for each other,Accelerate,“Bamboo?How are you stunned?,Is it before you have been by your big sister?,It is also my talents to convinced.?Come over, see your big sister。Who is not worthy,Who will be like a small?,They are all growing from the Mao Hang。”
The first sentence screamed,In the second sentence, the remaining people are all.。
Next moment,Crowd immediately fooled。
“Boy,What do you count?!”
“An outsider,I also dare to come to us Luojiao.,Roll!”
“Go out,Don’t welcome you here。”
An anger,Teeth,Extremely ridicule。
Summer laughing is very happy。
A person’s voice will all press them.,Face with arrogance and 气 气,“Nowant Qianjin’s father is Luojia footer,Waiting for me to marry a thousand gold in the future,Then pouch the door Luo,Hahahaha,Tell you,In the future, Luo family is made by me.。”
Say,In the eyes of everyone,Extend a finger,Point on the shoulders of Luoqian stone,Smile,“Shit,You have no chance,Waiting for me to control Luojia,The first thing is to throw you up my pit.。”
Last,Unborseful sweeping people,“There are you,Allo,Otherwise,Human law serving!”
Luo Family has a young man, I can’t believe my ears and my eyes.。
Several looks still beautiful young women exaggerated their eyes,I can’t believe in the mouth。
Shameless,But I have never seen such a shameless bastard.。
Have seen arrogant,Haven’t seen such a arrogant guy。
Where is he confident and a sense of superiority?,Who is it?,Dare to say this kind of idiot。
One time,A gentle emotion,Blocking everyone’s face,Swelling chest。
All are not light。
They originally want to let Luoqian stone,I am embarrassed to each other.。
Come with this shameless bastard,Inadvertent way,Put a flies directly into their mouths。
Antagonist,Face a blue white,Gluten jump on the forehead,Brain, a paste。
Especially looking at the summer, still in your shoulder.,I can’t help but I can’t help it.,A stopped his hand,Anger,“You find dead!”
“Look at?”
Summer face is harmless,Surprised,“Why do I want to find you??”Finish,Ahead,With both hands cover your chest,“I can tell you, small.,I don’t engage in the basics.。”
I am paralyzed.。
Look at him this happiness,A group of people bite teeth,I can’t hurry to step on this bastard.。
What more make them breathe,Summary suddenly put your hands down,Carrying behind behind,God of mind,An invincible。
He highly raised chin,Kill your mouth,“And my gun gun?You can’t!Not qualified to play with me,I have one day I control Luojia,I will let you know the sin.,I will have one hundred ways to wear small shoes.,You remember my name,My little name is summer,Big name——My name is summer day.!”
First1314Chapter I am a summer day.
My name is summer day.!
Looking at the summer with a kind of aria,When the priestive gesture shouted this sentence,Luo Jiazi young people want to laugh。
But they are biased。