A middle-aged man who is doing is open,One hand holds the ears,Rotate,At the same time,“They come!”
This sentence,Those who originally lazy and scattered a momentary spirit,Fast action,Set to middle age。
Middle-aged approximation of 356 years old,Top a big head,The brain spoon of the bald head is a hoe。
If the person in the Jinling circle sees him,Surprisingly, I can’t say anything.。
He is not someone else,It is the leader of the small knife……Blade!
“Everyone is fortunate.。”The blade is watching everyone,Laugh,“We have been waiting for three days for 24 hours here.,I didn’t expect the goal.,And in advance,Everyone is in the spirit,This mission is only required to fail,Are you listening?。”
at the same time。
In another area of the mountain,Also more than 30 indifferent men stand in a row。
Unlike,These people are wearing a combat camouflage!,Various equipment should have。
Are watching the most in front of a middle age。
Middle-aged has a resolute cheek,On the right is a deep scar,It looks unusual and terrible。
now,He put down the military telescope in his hand,Turn over,Rushing a smile,“They came,Everyone is prepared.,Let them disappear in this world,One does not stay。”
“I don’t want them to come.,In this case,We can earn money.,Just like the last time。”
I heard the middle-aged words of the knife,A appearance is obviously the youth of the West,I can’t help but complain.。
“Ha ha。”
More than 30 people can’t help but laugh。
“All right,Everyone is serious,This time is different。”
Knife youth waved,“Last Qin family, please,Is to deal with one person,Although they later gave up,But the money,One point is not to give,I will come out this time.,Why do we have to give employers a face?,Drift is bright and bright。”
Toned,His look,Also,“According to the Qin family,Our actions,In addition to Qin family know,There is also a person who knows,That person is Linjiang,It is said that it is said that a black gang of here is,Everyone is not big,Have a machine,Be careful。”
“team leader,You are too cautious.,Those gangs are just some guys who don’t enter the stream.,Even the battlefield has not been,such a man,In our eyes, it is the Turi Tile。”
“Ha ha。”
More than 30 men wearing camouflage have smaked。
certainly,Mock up,But they don’t have a light enemy。
As a small-famous mercenary team,I have been killed by the battlefield,Clear what kind of mentality of this maintenance。
at the same time。
A extended Lincoln car,Lin Jiang looked at the call to the mobile phone.,Immediately。
“Lin Ye,You really have a good time,They really go up.。”
The sound of blade,Also,“According to the news I got,The Qin family seems to have invited mercenaries.,Also ambushed。”
“Um,very good。”Lin Jiang’s light road,“All stared,Once you have sent a cash fish and Ma Xiaoshi,Immediately retreat,If they fail,See a machine。Although I think the failure may be small。”