certainly,Esdes also knows,The other party is unlikely to promise your own requirements。

But she just wants to find a reason.,I am killing with night.。
Esdes has decided,Waiting for the night, I don’t give her face.,Refuse to join your organization,So you will use this as an excuse.,Directly with him。
in short,It is to find a reasonable excuse for fighting.
Night’s house,Esdes,Also located in the most prosperous location,Just one is in the south in the north。
Before the house of the night,Can see the front door,I gathered a lot of nobles wearing gorgeous costumes.。
These people are worried about suffering from“Night attack”Assassination,So here, seek the shelter of the night。
After all, compared to ferocious Esdes,These arists are more willing to believe,Night whispering with them。
But when they bring enough treasures,Come to visit this lion war,I found that the old allies don’t seem to buy their accounts.。
However, these nobles are not discouraged.,Directly with some guys,Before the door of the night,Ready to stay。
Some mind flexible guys,It is also the air of the generals.,Easy house cover。
Their idea is simple,“Night attack”Come to kill the night,But all of them were fighting,I will not dare to come back to the trouble.。
So living around the general,Undoubtedly the safest,Next, just wait until Esdes solved“Night attack”,They can move back.。
But before this,Pour here to accept the shelk war,Undoubtedly the most stable practice。
Night, noble aristocracy,There is really no way,Finally, I can only let the Philippi have been put on a wave of rent.。
His place near his home,It’s not casual.,Temporarily stay in the land-centric land,Need to pay certain“protection fee”。
And how much this protection fee is,Then there is how far the distance from the generals is decided.。
Top close to the location of the general,needs“protection fee”More。
Even so,Those location closest to General House,Still some supply is in short,Even once fried to the price。
Obviously dozens of square meters,But I was embedded in the highest specifications of the Emperor.,There is also a few hundred times higher price。
But even so,Those nobles are still a temporary,After all, the money they have,But only one thing can be。
Chapter 388 Night, there is also a pure smile
You are all suspected of short,But I at least the festival is full.,I often don’t say it.,I have never been invited to go through holiday or more.﹏╰
Looking at Philippine“protection fee”,Night is also stunned。
He is discovered,Charge“protection fee”It seems that the speed of wealth before him,It’s faster.
Na Jie Tint, they were a day of death,Take life to complete those commission,Get remuneration,Is there a percent of this day??
“It seems that those children,I can add chicken legs today.。
Leave a part,The rest is given to Fina treatment,Let her help my planning school,I have made a little chance to come out.。”
A box of jewels on a glance,Night now has no feeling now.。
In a boxing world, he lives.,It’s a poor,In this world, he experienced a nobility taste.。
Maybe wait when you want to leave,I can take a box of leaves.?Let the bald head know,What is the real Gao Fushuai。