During this time, he often came here.,I bought a villa at the rest of the sea.。

Just,Now I can finally send it.。
Ou Jing, has been standing in not far away looking at the door of the nation.。
Can’t live here,After the hood is closed,Ning Feifei must return to the place。
Although it has already arrived in summer,But there is still a little faint coolness in the sea breeze。
Ou Jingyi has been waiting for ten o’clock in the evening to see Ning Feifei and Wang Wei.。
European,Are she so late every day??
I don’t pay attention to my body.,I used to work overtime.。
He is distressed,But hate yourself,Hate you didn’t find her earlier.,Let her eat so much。
Ning Feifei stood in the door and Wang Hao said a few words.,The two will leave in different directions.。
Ou Jing, standing for a long time,There are some numbers in the legs.,He took a few steps in his place.,I feel the discomfort,He carefully followed in Ningfifei。
Woman looking at caution in front of walking,His eyes have been staring tightly,She seems very tired,Occasionally stopped and sorrowful waist when walking。
Ou Jingzhen looked at Ning Feifei in front of him,The feeling of the bottom is unable to describe words。
If the existence of tears is to prove sadness is not an illusion,So, feelings of distressing this moment is the future。
This one,It is more than half an hour。
Time pointing at eleven points,The European brow wrinkled deeper。
Pregnant women should take a good rest,She is good,I was still in the road.。
Time to 11:15,Ning Feifei stopped in front of an old house,She bowed in the bag to find the key,Open red slightly reducing big iron gates into。
Ou Jingli stands not far from。
A few minutes,He saw the lights on the second floor.,Ning Feifei’s cumbersome figure goes to the window,Pull,Not for five minutes,The lamp is destroyed。
The world seems to be calm down.。
Ou Jing is watching the window of the outline of the outline,Have you been so bitter??
Ning Feifei,You leave me,Is it going to have this day??
They deduct love,Years are still the fault of them。
She ran alone here.,No place where you can negotiate,No one,Her lone look,Just like a lonely wild ghost outside this world,Can’t find it。
So much pain,Why don’t you want to go back to him??
Night,The figure of European is a bit blurred,But can see him slightly tremble。
pain,Full body shaking,Heartache, like a knife。
Even if you die,There will be no such pain.。
Ou Jing, first experienced the idioms that he think of exaggeration,Heart such as a knife,Tearless painful pain。
Solitary night,Ou Jing, one stop is one night,He is like punishment,Standing standing,Junrun’s dark eyes can’t move, watch the window,There seems to be like this,He is relieved。
summer,Not at six o’clock,Heaven is bright,The Ning Feifei is bright.,Less than ten minutes,Lights went out,Ou Jingli moved to hard to hide in the old wall。
Overnight,His Junrun is full of blood,But still does not affect his clear face。
He saw that the king of the Ningfifi store made a small onion and parsley,Mint,Just encountered Ning Feifei who wants to go to the store。
“Fifi,Walk together。”