Summer stopping,Go back,The horrible momentum behind it is getting closer。

Body-shaped weight,畔 畔 畔 畔,Clouds,The speed of fall is getting faster and faster。
Immediately want to drive the flying wings。
But just at this time,He moves in his heart。
“The card will not expose too early?”
Thunder,Now,His eyes shot two highlights。
Over the way,The lightning is shot, a raised is the mountain stone.,Shade,Suspended,Then the right foot。
Summer gives up the murderend,Hand and feet,Hook everything that can be borrowed on the cliff,Continuously bounce down。
It is also looking for opportunities。
finally,When he saw a long and deep、But only the sleek sleeve,Bright eyes。
A cyan stones fall within the gap。
Summer figure explodes a glucite,Also disappeared。
At this time,Da Luo said also came to the top of the cliff。
He looks down,Cloudy,Unwind,But remains a rich breath。
The other party has jumped.。
“Humph,Can you escape this??”
Da Luo Zun is slightly hesitant,Killing in the eyes,Also flying to the body shape。
Follow the breath。
He doesn’t think the other party can get yourself.,I don’t think he can escape the day.。
“Treat me to hold you……”
Dali’s mind,I have already begun to grasp the summer behind the summer.,Killed。
Internal cloud,In the summer, I turned into the big array near the boundary of the world.。
He converges the breath to the ultimate,Like a statue of a stone,not moving at all。
Five hidden big arrays,Close all breath fluctuations。
I do not know how long it has been,Summer heard the movement outside。
That is the same method,Sound of hands and feet。
Getting closer。
further and further。
Summer rushing heart,It is also a breather。
The other party did not find himself。
He gambling。
Soldier tricks,Just staged a scene in front of the Da Luo Zun.。